The profession with the most job opportunities has no candidates


On the other hand, regarding the results of the survey, he added that “the choice among the youngest, under the age of 40, is clearer and clearer. 80% chose technology as the first choice. On the other hand, among the 50-plus cohort, the engineering is still valid at 30% and the systems are down to only ‘60%’.

Ultimately, looking at it more broadly, this confirms that all STEM, STEM, initializations in English, are jobs for the future of work”

Lucas Gorganchian, Prisma Co-Founder and CEO, stated: “I am not surprised and agree that, not only in Argentina but around the world,The most in-demand profession has to do with technology, systems, data science, and some engineering. There are jobs that easily consume global demand and the demand for programmers is related to that. Today any profession or profession can be carried out to a large extent remotely, software delivery, which today’s programmer can order from anywhere in the world, making employment opportunities even greater. “

The survey, which was conducted on the entire community of IBA students and alumni in the world, during February and March 2022, elicited nearly 500 responses from executives in leadership positions at major companies in Latin America.

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