The police in Qatar arrested Cesare Augusto Londono, for registering buildings

a few hours to start Qatar World Cup 2022 Few anecdotes are known of journalists, tourists or athletes who, without a doubt, experience a different experience in the Middle East, because of the culture shock that this represents.

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One of these stories has the protagonist of the famous Colombian journalist César Augusto Londono, who told V.I Snail Radio The horror that happened with the Qatar police when he was in a taxi with his co-workers.

As the director of El Pulso del fútbol explained, The car they were in was abruptly stopped by uniformed officers to ask for a white cell phone, an exact offense.

“We were four people in the taxi, and the military said there was a white cell phone, actually mine, during the shoot. Londono said.

To the journalist’s surprise, the agent refused to look at the cell phone when he showed the content on the device. The officer informed him that the authorities are denied access to people’s privacy.

As told by Londono, the uniformed officers arrested him because they believed he was recording police and military premises, which was not permitted in that country.

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Oscar RenteriaCesare Augusto’s formula also gave his view of what happened and noted that his friend was “pale” and had to hug him to calm him down.

The journalist said: “Mr. César Augusto Londono was taken from our car and asked to hand over his cell phone because he was photographing the buildings and that there were police and army buildings between those buildings and he could not photograph them.”

He added, “Cesar Augusto became white and pale. I had to go out to hug him, try to revive him, talk to the policeman so he would let him go.”

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