The plot of the new series from Netflix with Dakota Johnson, its acting and its release

Between 1815 and 1816, Jane Austen wrote a novel called Persuade. British writer known to the public for his famous stories such as pride and prejudiceAnd Mind and feeling or whatever He couldn’t see this novel published because he died before he could. It was his brother who made this story known to the public in a posthumous publication in 1818. Today, more than two hundred years after its publication, Persuade He made his Netflix debut in a new TV series based on this Jane Austen novel that will feature one of the most popular actresses of recent years: Dakota Johnson. But let’s get into more detail to find out everything we know about persuasion and when we can find this new story on Netflix.

What is persuasion?

Anne Elliot is a young, uncommitted modern sensuality who lives with an overbearing family on the brink of financial collapse. When Frederick Wentworth, the charming young man she broke up with years ago, returns to her life, Anne must choose between leaving the past behind or listening to her heart and opening up a second chance. Adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen.

When Persuasion Appears on Netflix

There is currently no official release date for Persuade on the Netflix catalog but we can imagine being able to see this adaptive TV in the coming months.

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