The picture of Mario Ishi in Miami went viral, and the municipality of Jose C. Paz had to explain it

Mayor Jose C. Paz, Mario IshiOn Friday, he was involved in a deep controversyafter one a picture of you in a group of Miamiin United State It went viral. Journalist Jonathan Viale shared the shot and provoked a wide discussion on social networks.

Amidst the questions that arose, who City Reported that the mayor in the outskirts of Buenos Aires has signed a different educational agreements For the University of José C. Paz (Unpaz), which is located in his district, with University of Florida. No mention was made of photography at the spa.

“José C. Paz Mayor Mario Ishi traveled to Miami last week to sign an agreement on UNPAZ. In the photo you can see him focusing very much on the topic,” the journalist tweeted from LN +And the Jonathan Viale. The post on Twitter immediately sparked a wave of criticism. José C Paz is one of the areas of greater Buenos Aires with the highest rates of social vulnerability.

After the spread of the picture, the official website of the municipality of Jose C. Paz published an article entitled “Ishii strengthens ties between Unpaz and University of FloridaThere he realizes that the local president traveled to the United States as a representative of the university under his jurisdiction. Take six days off.

Ishi’s visit was marked by Find education agreements Jose C Paz National University (not peace) The House of Studies in La Paz is twinning with its counterpart in Florida,” the municipality noted. From this standpoint, the local administration clarified that the objectives of the agreement include “Student exchange, internship and scholarship“.

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Considering the controversy, Ishii highlighted the distinctions he has had in Florida in recent times.Jose C Paz Municipality

Later, the local mayor used his Twitter account to indicate his residence in the United States. “I had a fruitful trip to the United States, where I negotiated UNPAZ twinning agreements with the University of Florida“,” he wrote. “I was received by the Miami authorities, with whom we always have close relations,” he wrote.

Thus, Ishi highlighted his ties to the city of Florida. He noted that Mayor Thomas Regalado gave him the “key to the city” years ago. He also remembered that he was in the same condition, where he got Honorary Doctorate in Public Administration and Ethics subordinate Sila UniversityAnd the private entity. That was in 2016; Then he received the diploma from the university’s president, Gabriel Kost.

The municipality was certainly interested, in addition, that José C. Paz had been selected some time ago by UNESCO as a member of the Learning Cities Network. They, in turn, noted that Ishi also maintains relations not only with North America, but also with China and Japan. However, they omitted to refer to the mayor’s portrait in a American Spa.

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