The Phil Stutz Method on Netflix The movie comes with the world’s most famous psychiatrist

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The Phil Stutz Netflix method involving one of the world’s most famous psychiatrists. Over the course of forty years, he has helped countless patients, including global innovators and entrepreneurs, including many treatment skeptics.

Directed by friend and patient Jonah Hill, the film analyzes Stutz’s life and shows the audience how to perform well-known visualization exercises called “methods.”

When Hill undergoes an extraordinary session with Stutz that upends the typical doctor-patient dynamic, “Methods” comes to life in an atmosphere of fun and understatement, but also of a therapeutic experience.

Using candid discussions about Stutz and Hill’s personal mental journeys and through lighthearted jokes between two friends from different generations, the film presents “Methods” in an unusual light and the path to mental health in a way that is accessible to everyone, who is really looking for help or not.

How Phil Stutz Viewed the Netflix Trailer

In a series of candid conversations with actor Jonah Hill, acclaimed psychiatrist Phil Stutz explores childhood experiences and his unique visual model of therapy.

Actor Jonah Hill (“The Art of Winning”) had this intimate interview with his therapist, Phil Stutz.

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