The Permanent Scientific Committee doubts its effectiveness

Safe treatment of childhood obesity: Exercise has also been neglected during the pandemic.
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The impact of funding programs in the education sector is often unchecked. Therefore, the Standing Scientific Committee of the Conference of Ministers of Education calls for a more responsible use of public funds and the setting of methodological goals.

zThe federal and state governments want to invest 2 billion euros in order to close the learning gaps in children and youth caused by the coronavirus. One billion was allocated to learning deficits in core subjects, and the other to early childhood education and social projects to mitigate psychological and physical consequences. The federal and state governments agreed on this a good year ago because they want to prevent “existing inequalities from emerging”. As is often the case with federal state programs, states are happy to take the money and also want to retain complete authority over how it is spent.

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As these were sales tax points and also an election gift from then-Federal Secretary of Education Anja Karlicic (CDU) and former Federal Minister for Family Affairs Franziska Jaffe (SPD), the federal states were given a lot, perhaps a lot of freedom to use the money. However, these funding programs are mainly subject to the provisions of the Federal Budget Act and must be verified. For this reason, based on experiences with previous joint programs (the all-day school expansion), the federal states had to submit an interim report to the federal government by March 31 of this year on how they used the money. Responsibility for school programs went to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and for extracurricular and early childhood programs to the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs.

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