The perfect immersion at Matthias Appenzeller in the Alps

It’s the perfect picture frame: a hammock on a lake in the middle Swiss Alps…and a movie break. With such an amazing jump in this wonderful scene, they wanted to celebrate Swiss National Day this year. The protagonist was a diver who was proud to represent his country. and that is Matthias Appenzeller You’ll have heard the countdown several times before the jump, but this was definitely the most special.

In the middle of the Swiss Alps and on a platform located on a zip line, professional diver Matthias Appenzeller could not have made a better jump. else August 1 Coinciding with the Swiss national holiday, he dived into one of the country’s most famous lakes: the lake pashalab.

Located in 2266 meters of heightthe show was unbeatable: surrounded by nature and mountains, this Swiss 28 years He couldn’t do better honoring his land. Matthias is already used to jumping like this; Share from 2018 In the World Altitude Diving Championships And he always travels around the world 27 meters high.

This time from a lower altitude and in an unbeatable environment, adrenaline and speed fused with the Swiss landscape.

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