The Pentavirate, Mike Myers returns to voice Shrek in the irreverent comedy Netflix

Mike Myers, star of the new Netflix comedy series pentagram, Return to the voice of “Shrek” in a cameo surprise! Former member of the cast Saturday Night Livealready known for playing the hero and villain in the spy comedy trilogy Austin PowersHe lent his voice to the famous ghouls in the various animated films of the DreamWorks saga.

In addition to being the show’s creator and producer, as in his style Mike Myers protagonist Il Pentavirato Plays more than one character from the Netflix ComedyAnd one of those – in a completely unexpected way for fans – is the Ghoul Shrek, as we see in the short clip at the end of the article.

pentagram Tells the story of A A secret society of 5 people who have worked in the shadows since the time of the Black Plague in 1347Adaptation of world events for the good of mankind. In the modern era, a Canadian reporter finds himself embroiled in a mission to uncover the truth, but Pentavirate will stop at nothing to remain hidden from the eyes of the rest of the world.

As predicted by Il Pentavirato’s official teaser, Myers plays 8 different characters On the series: The aforementioned journalist Ken Scarborough, determined conspiracy expert in the search for truth Anthony Lansoden, radio presenter Rex Smith, senior member of Lord Lordington’s Pentavirate, former media mogul Bruce Baldwin, former Russian oligarch Micho Ivanov, former music director Chip Gordon and tech genius Jason Eccleston, inventor of the quintet supercomputer.

Together with Myers, they are part of cast de pentagram As well as Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key, Debbie Mazar, Richard McCabe, Jennifer Saunders and Lydia West, narrated by Jeremy Irons.

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