The Paper House, a new series announced by Netflix

Although the moment it seems to be going through is not very favorable, or at least implied, Netflix continues to focus on its most famous hits, among which is clearly the Spanish series La Casa Di Carta.

For the series created by Alex Pena, it really is. object of worship Among the fans of Big Red N’s broadcast platform, there are actually two big Ads To boil in the pot. one by one Role Dedicated to one of the most beloved characters while the other is a remake Which might be interesting even if it smells like a simple commercial operation.

La Casa di Carta, new series announced by Netflix – VIDEO (Image: Unsplash)

revolve around a character Berlin, Played by Pedro Alonso, who will then have his own series that will allow us to explore his mind, his past and his future. Instead it was the new version announce For the first time in December last year and now comes the first Trailer for a movie with the release date.

La Casa Di Carta meets Squid Game, steal the century with Korean sauce

From Squid to BTS, there is no denying that Korea It is currently the most Fashion When it comes to music and entertainment products. So someone inside Netflix must have thought so Meets One of the best series, in terms of views, with the country in which everyone lives obsessed In the end it has to be a profitable process.

La Casa di Carta, a new series announced by Netflix - VIDEO
La Casa de Carta, new series announced by Netflix – video (Image: YouTube)

It must be an idea brought to korea paper house with Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. The first YouTube trailer was released to announce the official release date for this new version, which obviously brings together a bunch of comments Thrilled and now travels to 10 thousand Excellent with more 320 thousand views. The most frequent comment is appreciation for the choice of team members who will take care of the attempted coup in the century in which the name of the actor chosen to play Berlin stands out: park hye soo. The actor is actually one of the most lovable faces in the Squid game.

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In the torrent of comments we’ve been talking about before, there’s at least Voice from the chorus Which raises a problem under everyone’s eyes a little: With the new fashion of Korean products, everything that comes out of this country is immediately and unconditionally recorded as better, superior, and better done even if a paraphrase, in the opposite direction, would That blows more than a few heads. The positive thing for sure is that It is not an American product Which helps us get a more open view of what’s possible with the camera. And to see if the global craze for Korea continues, you don’t have to wait too long: the new edition La Casa di Carta is coming next June 24.

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