The Paper House: 10 Curiosities About the Netflix TV Series

Especially suitable for those who suffer from an incurable craving for Dali masks.

It’s been a little over six months now (It was December 3, 2021) from the release of the second part of the fifth season of paper house, a television phenomenon brought by Netflix around the world. Who was in a state of withdrawal and felt a deep lack of genius plans, adrenaline and shocking twists Netflix and rock music can be played using House of Cards: KoreaThe Korean version of the famous Spanish series. Alternatively, you can scroll through these 10 points to find out Most curious curiosity Related paper house.

1. Fail at home

Speaking of fluctuations, let’s start with a decidedly unexpected curiosity: in Spain paper house No one has seen it. or better, At first Nobody saw him. Filmed as a unique series, it was broadcast on the Spanish network Antena 3 but after its debut, it gradually lost its audience to the point that it was canceled from the channel. Netflix directed it and The rest is history.

2. Maniac function

Apparently There are 52 versions of the beta software subordinate paper house. In fact, series creator Alex Pina, to bring a perfect product to Antena 3, has gone back to post-production dozens of times. In hindsight it could be said that it was a winning option.

3. Tick Professor, The Paper House - Part 3

Who among us did not like the professor? Very delicate and very adorable. We all remember his twitches, that nervous pressure on the bridge of his glasses, right? Alvaro Morte, the professor’s translator, revealed that this was not a deliberate gesture, but rather one of real tic. In fact, the actor does not wear glasses in real life, which is why he touched them several times during filming. Unable to get used to to keep them.

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4. Tokyo and the uncanny resemblance to Natalie Portman

Does Tokyo remind you of anyone? If you have thought about the movie leonThen you have hit the mark. Tokyo look (from pop to necklace bar) is already Inspired by Matilda, the heroine of the movie Luc Besson, played by Natalie Portman. If you do not believe it, look at the photo.

5. Based on a true story

Paper House

No one has ever confirmed it (or denied it), but the story it told paper house Very similar to a The theft happened in Argentina in 2006. Six thieves led by a martial arts teacher nicknamed “The Maestro” (!) managed to steal fifteen million dollars from a bank, Escape from many customers Intervened. Quote from the teacher who does not forget to hit his flash pin The Incrediblescoincidences? I say no!“.

6. Based on a made-up story

Paper House,

If there are doubts about the authenticity of the story he tells paper house There may be doubts about whether it inspired actual burglaries but there are none. For example, in 2018, two Moroccans were arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from a hotel wearing dali masks. More interesting is the story from Brazil where thieves managed to escape from a bank as a kind of leak Exploding banknotes in the streetjust as it happens in paper house. There were many arrests, but only people who collected banknotes that were found on the street. However, the real thieves were never found.

7. Too bad in spanish sauce

Dar El Waraq -

In the original thoughts, all the members of the protagonist squad were paper house They must be terminally illJust like the Walter White family Breakingbadiana memory. This aspect was justifying their behavior, making them ready for anything precisely because they were destined to die. In the end the idea was dropped: Only the Berlin character retains this characteristic. Speaking of Berlin, the disease he afflicts – Helmer’s myopathy – doesn’t really exist.

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8. Maximum secrecy

None of the heroes paper house He knew his character’s fate until the moment this was accomplished. In fact, the group was in effect extremely confidential. The scripts, broken down by episode, were delivered to the actors only Right before filming begins for a specific scene. Filming follows the arrangement of the rings precisely to prevent the intrusion of vandals.

9. A lot of Italy in paper house

Dar El Waraq -

How lovely when they announced the entry of a new gang member named Palermo! long last a little bit of italy In the diverse cauldron of the names of the cities selected for the characters of the series. Or maybe not? No, unfortunately not. The name Palermo It’s not referring to the city of Sicily, but To the same person in Buenos Aires.

10. In paper house: endless success

House of Cards: Korea

Although finished, the deep echo of paper house Show no sign of diminishing. We already talked about the new Korean version recently on Netflix. However, it’s not the only side project regarding the original series. A few months ago, the streaming giant announced that it will debut on the first platform in 2023 A cross dedicated to the character of Berlin (Always played by Pedro Alonso). And honestly, we can’t wait to see it.

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