The opposition summoned three ministers to provide clarifications about the plane with the Iranians

Through several initiatives presented in the past hours, The opposition demanded that the government go to Congress to explain to Venezuelan plane with Iranian crew Detainees at Aziza Airport.

On the one hand, a group of deputies from supporters and allies submitted a request to the Minister of Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedroand his safety pair, Alberto Fernandez, to provide information about the controversial aircraft. On the other hand, the UCR office upgraded another seat of the House of Representatives to the presence of the chancellor to give clarifications Santiago Cafiero. In this case, it concerns not only the movements of the ship and crew within the country, but also “to report whether the national government is planning any policy of geopolitical or commercial reorganization with Iran”.

Parallel to the signatures of the references from the various positions that make up the block strung together for change, another group of legislators sent A list of 26 questions addressed to the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), AFIP, and the Airport Security Police. In this case, he requested more precise details of the movements of the aircraft, its crew, the cargo it was traveling on, and details of operations.

After indicating the community’s “astonishment” at the disclosure of the details of the plane’s flight, reports from the Ministry of Security indicated that there were links between the plane and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the background of negotiations between the Kirchneriya and in that country. The Radical Rally led by Mario Negri requested that Cafiero go to the deputies.

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“To inform us not only about the aircraft, not only about its crew, but above all, about the aircraft What policy is the national government planning with Iranin political and economic affairs”, highlighted in the draft Negeri Radical Representatives, Soledad Carrizo, Pedro Galimberti, Carina Banfi, Juan Martin, Julio Cobos, Marcela Colle, Juan Carlos Bolini, Sebastian Salvador, Hugo Romero, Martin Argoll, Fernando Carvajal, Jorge Vara, Marcos Carasso and Francisco Monte.

Project macristas and allies bears signatures Cristian Ritondo, Gerardo Melman, Alejandro Vinociaro, Maria Logan Rey, Fernando Iglesias, Graciela Ocaña, Ricardo Lopez Murphy, Alberto Asef, Jose Carlos Nunez, Ana Clara Romero, Dina Ester, Antonio Rezinovsky, Omar de Marchev Omar and Hector.

In addition to information about the aircraft and its flight plans, lawmakers They demand that Fernandez and De Pedro be summoned to provide information About crew members: security measures implemented and their current immigration status.

The third draft bears the signatures of some of the previously named legislators: Melman, Ocaña, Lopez Murphy, Waldo Wolf, Fernando Iglesias, Miguel Pazi, Alfredo Schiavone, Francisco Sanchez, Germana Figueroa Casas, Asif Anna Clara Romero, Maria Sotolano, Laura Rodriguez Machado, Carrizo, Paola Amuedo.

Despite the coincidence of the name, his approach is more subtle. Through 26 questions he asks ANAC To report the permanence in Cordoba and the flight time of the impounded aircraft, if, despite disconnecting the transponder, it has sent any range signal to be detected, if it constitutes a crime or misdemeanor to turn off the transponder, and in this case, if ANAC proceeds with administrative or judicial.

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It also demands a calculation of the radars that detected the ship, possible deviations and communications with the control tower, if the crew members left Cordoba airport and how the device of the National Directorate of Migration worked. Finally, when did he leave for Ezeiza and what company supplied him with fuel for that trip and who paid for that operation.

to me AFIPFor its part, it is required to specify the auto parts it was transporting, its recipient, its cost and other details. As well as any other material that was unloaded or not unloaded and the companies that helped clean and sterilize the ship in addition to its examination.

Finally, in Airport Security Police Details are required on the aircraft booking sequence, movements recorded by security cameras, whether they are in police custody, the content of flight data on cargo and crew, and the inventory of cargo on board.

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