The new version of Wordle for science lovers

If you consider yourself a fan of the world of science, then you should try the new version of the trendy game, Wordle.

Success Original Wordle It led to the creation of other very interesting versions. If you are one of those who claimed power Play the fashion game more than once a dayyou can also try using Wordle accents or with him Scientific Wordle, an adaptation focused on the world of science.

In this article, we explain what Scientific Wordle is and How do you play From your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Basically, the mechanics are very similar to the original Wordle, but there You should know some differences. If you are a science lover, then you should definitely give this new version a chance to test your knowledge.

The new science wordle for science lovers

This science wordle will catch you if you love science.

The name itself “Scientific Wordle” tells us what this new version of the current game is all about: about science. If you like this area, you can Check how much you know about it Try to guess the word everyday. If you do not consider yourself an expert, but want to learn about the scientific world, you can also try it, because it will help you Learn the meaning of the new terms.

As we checked during our tests, after guessing the word in question, the game It gives you a complete definition of its meaning. Therefore, it also serves as an educational tool. Also, this is a difference from the original Wordle.

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Another difference, of course, is that the topic of words is limited to science. This is something you should keep in mind when trying to guess the word in question. Moreover, its extension It’s not just five lettersyou can also find Six and seven letter words.

Beyond that, Wordle’s scientific operation is identical to the original. You must enter a first word and, Based on the color of the letters themselves, Keep introducing other terms that fit the results. The color codes are as follows:

  • green: The character is placed in the correct place.
  • yellow: the letter is in the word, but not in that place.
  • ashen: The message is not found in the solution.

Scientific Wordle: The new version of Wordle for science lovers

As with other Wordle, You don’t have to download any app On your mobile phone to play, just enter world science website. From there, you can also configure a series of settings, such as dark mode, color blindness mode and access aidHow to increase letter size.

they keep Six attempts To find the solution and also the possibility of it There are repeated letters, something you should keep in mind during the game. There is no timer, so You have all the time you need To play Scientific Wordle and thus guess the mysterious word every day.

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