The new Covid season has been released on Netflix

Now the variables are no longer counted, it looks like he’s attending the Netflix TV series, but unfortunately, Covid is real and it’s still circulating.

The Omicron variant arrives 3

At the moment variants of Omicron are 4. Ba1 and Ba1.1 are nearly identical and make up the majority of cases.

Ba2 is mostly developed in Northern EuropeAt the moment in Italy it accounts for 5% of infections.

The new variant identified, Ba3, Omicron 3 is currently responsible for a small portion of cases.

The first data obtained indicate that the variant has similar infectivity and pathogenesis to Omicron 1 and 2.

Similar but not the same, in fact, studies of Ba2 found a slight increase From the strength of the infection and a slightly more severe disease, Compared to Omicron 1 (You may also be interested in: Green Pass cancellation in action from April 1 for those under 50s and…).

Professor Bassetti spoke

“From a medical point of view, I consider it Omicron variants like twins. From a formal point of view, the difference between Omicron 1, 2 or 3 relates only to virus stalkers and those who study the sequence,” said Professor Matteo Bassetti.

Then follows the call to not let yourself go to unnecessary panic, Noting that the response to vaccines is positive in any way and also protects against Omicron 3, where the booster dose, which is still given, plays an essential role and loses 7 million people.

at present The pressure on hospitals and intensive care units is dropping sharplyan outcome made possible by the great civic sense of the Italians, who were widely committed to the vaccination campaign.

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From April 1, the government will introduce a series of Relax green traffic regulations. The changes will affect outdoor dining and the work sector.

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