The Monsters: Rob Zombie The Rob Zombie movie is coming to Netflix this fall

Rob Zombie announced via Instagram that his monster-inspired movie will hit Netflix this fall.

the film monsters Directed by rob zombie It will be distributed by Netflix And it was the Internet director who revealed this.
The project, whose trailer was released a few days ago, appears set to arrive in the fall, just in time for Halloween.

Rob Zombie said, placing his movie poster next to the poster for Tim Burton’s series Wednesday:This fall we will scare you as if it were 1964! Yes, The Monsters and The Addams Family are back simultaneously thanks to Netflix. 58 years have passed when this confrontation first occurred. It will be the perfect entertainment for your party while you are carving pumpkin“.
The director also shared a page from the old 64-65 TV Guide magazine.

In The Munsters, actor Jeff Daniel Phillips will appear as Herman Munster, while Sheeri Moon Zombie is Lily Munster and Daniel Roebuck is the grandfather.
Also among the performers are Cassandra Peterson as Barbara Carr, George Garcia, Richard Brik, Catherine Scheele and Sylvester McCoy.

Rob Zombie has spoken on multiple occasions about his passion for the comic and has also recorded a commentary on the Blu-ray version of Munster, Go Home!. The director also mentioned the show’s characters in some of his songs and in 2010 admitted that he watched each episode at least 17 times.

The original show tells the story of the life of a family of monsters that also includes vampires and werewolves.

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