The misleading result of the Netherlands against Switzerland to take the second place

The current European champion concluded her ticket to the quarter-finals with more suffering than expected in a gray match that was not judged until the final stage. The Swiss momentum could have given them a historic victory that would have allowed them to exit the group stage for the first time in their history, but mistakes and a lack of success doomed them to failure. A score of 1 to 4 looks huge on the pitch and yet it doesn’t help the Netherlands take first place, as Sweden beat Portugal 5-0 and is the first in terms of goal average. Thus, the Netherlands will have to do with the capable France in the quarter-finals next Saturday at 9:00 pm.

Neither team was able to dominate the match in the first half, which is surprising considering the European champions were on the field. The Netherlands could not impose their supremacy and Switzerland felt comfortable in a few initial moments with many errors. The Swiss even managed to take the lead in the 12th minute. In fact, there is only one explanation for why this did not happen: the young Dutch goalkeeper van domselaar He made a stop in the tournament after a shot from outside the penalty area insanely who was on the same team.

Both teams lacked aerodynamics and the ball was difficult to get into zones, but Switzerland had already warned the Netherlands that qualifying would not be a walk in the park, despite only needing one point. However, as is logical with a team full of talent, the Dutch will have their chances. The first clear came in the 21st minute, when Berenstein (Occupant before Covid of . leave) afraidtop scorer in Dutch history) showed her speed to stand alone ThillmanWho hesitated to leave but managed to spoil the occasion. It seemed clear that beticista goalkeeper touched the ball but his Romanian teammate Dimitriscu Pointed to a penalty kick. She had to check with the VAR to realize that the Swiss goalkeeper had taken the ball clean and to correct her decision to reject the penalty. From this act, the Dutch were encouraged and enjoyed their best minutes in the first half. In the 26th minute, the side free kick, which was cleverly placed firmly on the penalty kick, provided a great opportunity for Groninbut his shot from inside was very focused and thalman Caught no problem. The Swiss goalkeeper turned to a mission because in the 33rd minute she had to intervene after a header from the previous Blaugrana Mertens Who searched for Vaseline when he saw her advancing and forced her to take out the hand of Providence. Switzerland put the ball over Reutler’s head after two minutes with a cross from the right wing that turned out to be too weak to beat a wake. von doncellar.

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Holland were still lacking in ideas and it would be 0-0 after the first 45 minutes. In the other group game, Sweden had a 3-0 lead over Portugal and the Dutch knew that not only did they have to win the match to get first, they also had to score by more than one goal at this point. All this without a guaranteed rating, because the defeat left them. Perhaps this is the reason why Mark Parsons They entered the second half more excited. They also did not need much to open the registry. at fifty Van der Gragget He finished a corner kick on the second post and the ball reached the Blaugrana Krnogorsevich Who, with everything in his favor to dodge the goal, finished with a header towards his own goal and put the Dutch team ahead. Holland’s joy was short-lived, as three minutes later, in the 53rd minute, a great play for Switzerland ended at my feet. Bachmann Stepping through the area hard to find it back Reutler, which was dominated by spells and starts and set to perfection by a cross shot. The match returned to the starting point, and Sweden scored the fourth goal in the other group match. Getting first place began to turn into an illusion for the Netherlands. Even the current Champion’s rating was in jeopardy. A few minutes after entering the goal net, van domselaar He had to save his team twice on a very visible occasion in the same small area that had everything to finish him off in goal.

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The obvious opportunity was missed as well as the goal conceded a few minutes before the Dutch left, who may have begun to feel that the disaster of their elimination against the fledgling Switzerland was possible. The match entered a phase of uncertainty. Although it was difficult for the two teams to create danger, anything could happen at this moment. The stakes were high and no one wanted to risk too much, but Switzerland needed a goal and tried to take the lead. Xhemali He tried again for the Swiss with a powerful shot in the middle that forced another team to step in. Van Donselaer No one doubted that she had been named Man of the Match.

in the opposite goal, thalman She was also playing a great game and was again attentive to Belova’s centered shot. A good performance by the Swiss goalkeeper will be marred by a mistake that could mean a second for the Netherlands. Bad start to his search for an open side position in the 84th minute allowed Leuchter Position the head to turn 2 to 1 with the target blank. The goal gave peace of mind to the world champions who – despite their presence throughout the match – had not imagined a single chance for the Swiss from this moment on. Not only that, but they would also get third place in the 90s thanks to a header from Belova After a questionable offer to extend a free kick was reviewed by the VAR for four minutes. The next step is the fourth step: Leuchter Send a good ball to the net to shoot it on the penalty kick. It was the 95th minute and the Dutch were in a hurry as they tried to take first place and avoid France in the next round, but they needed two goals and it was already too late; 1 to 4 will be the end result.

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Errors and ineffectiveness condemned Switzerland, which left the European Championship without a single victory but with its head held high after standing up to the European champions. A score of 1 to 4 does not at all reflect the struggle the Netherlands went through to beat Switzerland. You will have to improve the combination of Mark Parsons To beat France in the quarter-finals next Saturday at 9 pm.

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