The Ministry of Costa Rica opens a new website against cyber-attacks

Since Monday last week, the websites of the ministries of finance have been attacked; Labor and Social Security, Science, Innovation, Technology and Communication, as well as the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, the Development Fund and Family Allowances and the National Meteorological Institute, among others.

The original treasury website has been deactivated and there is no date for its re-creation, as many essential services, such as tax collection, cannot be carried out and, even worse, with serious impacts on imports and exports, which are now implemented in an emerging manually.

The Treasury indicated that the new platform is constantly evolving, so enterprise computer systems will be integrated when enabled, but citizens can now enter some virtual procedures.

This first phase also includes the TRAVI virtual actions platform, the integrated public procurement system, the public procurement observatory, as well as information on the national budget, payroll, benefits statistics, investor information and general information about this portfolio.

In this new location, the Treasury has made available to citizens the central government’s medium-term fiscal framework, the non-financial public sector, and the medium-term debt strategy, both for the period 2022-2027 and the main instruments of state public finance. Politics.

With the framework and from a financial perspective, the non-financial public sector will be analyzed and studied as a whole, so this tool will be a monitoring and analysis tool for consumption by the public, private, academic and international sectors of fiscal policy. To be implemented by today’s government.

The strategy seeks to contribute to macroeconomic balance and debt sustainability, by formulating and implementing an instrument in line with the country’s financial situation and the funding sources available to Costa Rica’s public finances.

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In addition, the Treasury notes that the strategy is in line with fiscal discipline, which establishes a framework for the effective and responsible management of public resources, and international best practices in public debt management.

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