The Mexican women’s soccer team will travel to Finland but won’t be able to get medals

Poor management of flights by managers Mexican American Football Federation It caused the women’s team not to compete for medals at the World Cup, but the players would compete.

The Mexican women’s team From football He is already on his way to Finland To compete in the specialized world championship, even though they no longer have a chance to win a medal and will only play to improve their position in classification.

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These selectors lived moments of uncertainty, as their first World Cup match was on July 30th against Britain By that date, the team had barely traveled to Helsinki.

Due to the fact that the Mexican delegation was not in the country when they had to play their first match, Organizing Committee From this event, the women’s team was penalized by playing two of the three matches and only adding points to the world ranking.

The national team was scheduled to leave for Finland on Wednesday, July 27, but Mexican American Football Federation Didn’t get flights on time.

For this reason, players blocked the central passages in inner circle towards Mexico City International AirportThe night of July 29 to claim support for his World Cup trip.

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in your account TwitterThe Federation announced, on Saturday, that a group of nine people, including players and coaches, began traveling to the European country. Soon, in two blocks, the rest of the team rode to Helsinki.

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Paulina Diaz, captain of the Mexican national team ESPN That the mistake was the unions’ fault for not taking the necessary measures.

They took away our chance to fight for medals, and the mistake could no longer be corrected. This cannot be repeated for future generations,” the captain stated.

After being unable to compete against Great Britain, now the Mexican team has to think about its second match, which will be against the loser in the match between Canada s Australia.


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