The Matrix, for a dance version of the movie. The director is an Oscar winner!

Excellence matrix He prepares to relive life in a new innovative iteration that capitalizes on the direction of the famous Academy Award-winning director. You will already do it Danny Boyle To direct the new adaptation of the 1999 classic sci-fi, which will be presented in this remake as an innovative dance show.

The project is titled free your mindIt will debut next October at Factory International, a new cultural space currently under construction in Manchester, UK. production, described as “Large-scale immersive performanceIt will be the inaugural event of the new structure. The official summary of the show reads:

Combining the hip-hop choreography of hundreds of dancers and cutting-edge immersive design, Free Your Mind will take audiences on an exciting journey through the Matrix into a new world of possibilities. This luminous production will extend through the ultra-flexible spaces of the building, interacting with them and harnessing the collective energy of the moment.“.

This is definitely an unusual move for Boyle, the former director of Millionaire It earned him a double Oscar in 2008 best director and how the best movie. During his career, the director has already had the opportunity to devote himself to very diverse projects, including directing the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, in which 7,500 volunteers and entertainment professionals participated. Among the most memorable moments on Boyle’s direction, it’s impossible not to mention the short sequence that sees Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Michael Mickey Asante He is currently composing the music for the show, which will also be designed by Kenrick “H2O” Sandy. sea ​​tracyBoyle’s longtime collaborator, as producer. The exhibition will also benefit from the contribution of other artists, including the poetess Sabrina Mahfouz Fashion designer and website designer S Devlinwho will write the show in succession and present the sculptures and props.

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matrixDirected by the Wachowski Brothers at the time, it hit the big screen in 1999 and immediately established itself as a true cult of science fiction cinema in the new millennium. then followed Reload arrays And the Matrix of revolutions That closed the narrative arc of the trilogy. The new chapter of the saga, Resurrection MatrixInstead, it hit theaters on January 1, 2022.

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