The lioness in the Swiss Fighting Canton Festival

The Vue-des-Alpeson Mount Neuchâtel in Switzerland, hosted the 103rd المرتبة canton swiss wrestling festivalWho attended the Lyonian wrestlers Jose Luis Garcia “Shalin” and Carlos Fernandez Arguelowho, in addition to showing the way to the Lyons there, competed in the difficult (and new to them) battle Schwingen. Over 140 participants attended on two days, Friday and Saturday, where competition and the beautiful atmosphere on the field went hand in hand. Not even the great heat experienced during the round prevented excellent results among the participants, who are the best fighters from the French-speaking region (Romandy), and added others from the Germanic region (where Schwingen is more distinguished), all of whom are notable champions of traditional wrestling with the rank of first sport patriotism. The most “crowned” festival of this and other Cantonese festivals will be part of the elite that will be held in Pratteln next September, which, over two days, will gather about two hundred thousand fans.

They showed them what our fight looked like and competed in a very tough and challenging local way showing quality, adaptability and even good results in this festival which is much more than just a “pure” competition, it is a real “party” with the fight as a reference, with Leonesa as the guest of honour.

Tradition, folklore and friendship are the ingredients… all, at great cost, supported by private benefactors and created with the generous work of collaborators. “A good model to know and follow as much as possible,” said Antonio Parignada, responsible for the Leon expedition and a great advocate of having this method in all forums and competitions.

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