The Legend Of Zelda – BOTW 2: Are you referring to the successor to the Switch?

Fans of the series will have to wait a little longer than originally planned for “The Legend Of Zelda – Breath Of The Wild 2”. But the delayed release gives reason to the mystery. Rumors are circulating of a possible release on the Nintendo Switch that might be in development or the Nintendo Switch Pro. These assumptions fuel it digital foundry. Apparently, the previously known shots of the Zelda branch look “pretty good” for the Switch title.

As evidenced by the weekly Digital Foundry podcast, technical experts consider the already well-known game scenes to be graphically demanding. So the claim is that the current Nintendo Switch can be immersed in the game. This could be an indication that one of the later Switches will appear in the near future or at least an upgraded version of the current console. This assumption does not seem entirely out of the blue. The Legend Of Zelda – Breath Of The Wild was also released for the Nintendo Switch and its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii U.

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Nintendo itself has not yet commented on the assumptions. The Legend Of Zelda – Breath Of The Wild 2 was originally scheduled to release later this year. A few weeks ago, the game’s release date was pushed back to the spring of 2023. They want to devote more time to development, so justification.

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