The last minute of Elizabeth II’s farewell, live | Waiting time in the waiting list to visit the burning church is more than 22 hours | international

Isabel II’s four children – King Carlos, Anna, Andres and Eduardo – join a 10-minute vigil around the sarcophagus

King Carlos III and his brothers Anna, Andres and Eduardo joined shortly after 7:30 p.m. local time [una hora más en la España peninsular] To the vigil for Elizabeth II. The Queen’s four children will stay for 10 minutes around the coffin in Westminster Hall, as they did at the funeral chapel in Edinburgh earlier this week.

During the vigil, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, the Queen’s son, will be able to wear his military uniform “as a special sign of respect”, Buckingham Palace confirmed this week. Andres, the second son of Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, was forced to give up his public activities as a member of the royal family after he was involved in the sexual abuse scandal of the palace by the late American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and after reaching an out-of-court settlement with a woman who accused him of assaulting her as a minor. Prince Andrew has been deprived of his military titles since then, which is why he does not usually wear a military uniform, as his brothers Anna and Eduardo do. (agencies)

Pictured, King Charles III and Princes Andrew, Anne and Edward hold a vigil next to the coffin of their mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at Westminster Hall on Friday. / Yu Mok

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