The laboratory garden at the ASLBI Prevention Department opened again this year –

Operating farm gardens (“company gardens”) is a practice that originated in the United States and is also practiced by well-known companies around the world. “Creating a green space where employees can plant, water and harvest the fruits of the land means giving them the opportunity to work together towards a common goal, and also increasing their ability to collaborate with the aim of paying attention to the humanization processes on the worksite – explains Luca Sala, Director of Prevention at ASL at Biella – ASLBI also intends to position itself at the center of interest towards the close connection between health and human environment, the science that deals with the relationship between the organism and the environment between the natural sciences and the social sciences.In Italy, similar initiatives are to link the idea of ​​joint action with the possibility of creating a botanical garden that is cultivated through Participation in order to strengthen links between different ‘groups’ of workers cooperating in the same environment is very rare and even more so at the same level than in public companies.

In this sense, the cooperation between ASLBI and local schools allows, once again, to develop projects aimed at the common well-being. In fact, the experiment “Laboratory garden in the Department of Prevention”, which began in 2017 and has now been renewed thanks to the usual cooperation with the “Gae Aulenti” Institute of Higher Education – Agriculture in Biella, is continuing. This is the initiative aimed at all employees of the healthcare company registered with CRAL, who can participate in both the work and the collection of soil products in the space obtained outside the structure via Don Luigi Sturzo. Activities that take place outside of service hours.

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A “Lab Garden in the Prevention Department” was recently presented with an explanatory poster in “Healing Garden: Talking Garden”. Tale of Care”, a conference organized by the Salutearte Group – AO Mauriziano of Turin in Turin, in collaboration with the Inter-University Degree Course in Greenery and Landscape Design (University of Genoa, University of Turin, University of Milan, Politecnico di Torino) and other local bodies and institutions, Including DoRS Regione Piemonte (The Documentation Center for Health Promotion) Conference at which a poster session was organized to share design experiences related to the topics of humanizing care settings in which healthcare professionals move.

“In our structure, people belonging to different services work: those who provide services to individuals, those to the community, those who work in living environments, those who work, those in schools, those engaged in food production, processing and distribution, those who are in” The medical field, some veterinarians, some technical, some administrators—says Sala, the project’s promoter—the common denominator among these operators is health prevention, getting people to adopt attitudes, behaviors, and precautions that lead to healthier lifestyles, all of which aim to ” Giving more years to life and more life to years.”

“Also for this year, as well as for the past, a ‘lab garden in the prevention department’ has been re-proposed with the confidence that it can represent a good solution to improve physical and psychological well-being, open up possibilities for leisure and leisure, improve urban aesthetics and cultural inspiration, strengthen community, and enhance communication nature and spiritual experiences, the preservation of traditional knowledge and cultural heritage, the improvement of social cohesion and socialization”, he continues.

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In recent weeks, students of “Gae Aulenti”, coordinated by teacher Alessandro Corbellini, have supported the ASLBI Prevention Department in planning and preparing the garden, as well as in supplying their plots of flowers. Instead, vegetable seedlings grown by Azienda Ortofrutticola Pasino di Valdengo were introduced.

Over the next few months, children and teachers from local nurseries will be able to visit the park. Sala concludes: “Among other reasons, there is also a need, in these months following the pandemic, to return to socialization and grouping among colleagues and co-factors in our society which, in recent years, has seen significant changes in social habits. The project offers those Who would like to join the opportunity to produce zero kilometer natural food, to rediscover the relationship with the cycle of seasons, to be outdoors, to meet the stressful situations of work with more energy.But it also provides the health care company the opportunity to promote interest in the green economy, helping to protect the environment And solidify the company’s reputation by demonstrating tangible corporate social responsibility. And then, a factor to be reckoned with, allows you to admire the beauty and charm of the way nature manifests itself in its biodiversity following the cycle of the seasons.”

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