The judge ruled in favor of Colombia’s immigration authority and denied entry to the Argentine election observer

The Secretary for International Affairs of the Evita movement, Alejandro Rosconi, revealed from his Twitter account, the guardianship ruling against immigration in Colombia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Avianca Airlines, for not allowing him to enter the country.

Rusconi, who holds the position of Secretary of Habitat, Land and Housing in the Office of the Ombudsman in Buenos Aires (Argentina), He had been invited to participate in the elections on Sunday, May 29, as an electoral observer.

However, the man denounced on May 25, the day his flight was due to head to Colombia, that they did not allow him to board the aforementioned airline flight to do his work on Election Day, despite the fact that he confirmed, he was invited by the board. National Electoral College (CNE).

urgent. Today, when trying to board the Avianca flight to Bogota, I was not allowed to leave by order of the Colombia Immigration Service. Invited by the National Electoral Council as an international observer in the presidential elections, [pero] The same condition that I paid for my ticket will not allow me to enter”, were the words of the Argentine citizen on his Twitter account.

Given this scenario, Rusconi filed a protection case, with the support of the lawyer and former representative of the Chamber, Alerio Uribe Muñoz, against the Special Administrative Unit for Immigration in Colombia, as well as the ministry and Avianca. This is to clarify the reasons for preventing him from entering the country, and to urge the alleged violation of freedom of movement rights and due process of law.

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Some Argentine media asserts that it is retaliation against the Duque government, After Rusconi joined the ICRC that inspected the national strike protests in 2021. However, Colombia’s first criminal court with a knowledge function maintains that the decision was made for reasons of “intelligence” and national security.

“It has not been established that Mr. Alejandro Javier Rosconi has submitted a petition to any of the accused with a view to explaining the reasons The decision by Migration Colombia, which was due to intelligence reports indicating that it would be inappropriate to enter the country, Demonstrating that the actions of the entity have been modified in accordance with the rule referring to the authority to allow entry to aliens ”(sic), the judge in the case mentioned in his sentence.

Thus, he agreed with the national entities and affirmed the refusal of the election observer to enter the country.

In the court’s ruling, one of the reasons for inadmissibility is that Rosconi may pose a risk to national security, and that despite the fact that electoral entities made the invitation, this would be independent of Colombian studies. immigration.

Obtaining information from security or intelligence agencies, whether national or foreign, in which the foreigner is considered a danger to national security or the security of the citizen.the judge writes referring to the article on the basis of inadmissibility or disapproval.

The ruling adds: “Although he was once invited to be part of the international observation mission for the forthcoming presidential elections, this does not interfere with the decisions made by Migration Colombia, It is the entity responsible for the exercise of the functions of the control and immigration control authority and aliens in the Colombian State, within the framework of national sovereignty.

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Alejandro Rosconi is one of several decisions by the Colombian authorities that “for the sake of national security” have denied entry to seven international election observers.

Fernando Colesoli, for example, was denied entry while at El Dorado Airport. Activist Terry Mattson, who also came to Colombia for surveillance work, was deported from the airport for the same reason.

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