The idea of ​​​​launching a live broadcast on the service in the air

To deal with increasingly fierce competitors, Netflix can count on streaming to give new life to the service.

What has he been going through in the last weeks? Netflix It’s not a particularly rosy moment, as the streaming giant has had to contend with a steep subscriber drop in 2022 and has committed to finding solutions to the account sharing problem. Perhaps also for this reason, the company will consider exploring new horizons, including the frontiers of live broadcasting.

To report this is the deadline, by which the initiative will have a profound impact on reality shows and dedicated specials, for example, comedians. Additionally, the system can be used by Netflix to allow home audiences to participate in voting during competition-focused broadcasts (100- dancing, created by Studio Lambert, is one of the shows in question. As expected, the many specials each year that famous (and not only) American comedians see on stage could go this route, perhaps with the shows being broadcast live rather than being recorded and then made available on the platform. It would definitely be fun to see such big names Dave Chappelle And Larry Davidwho can use this novelty to their advantage to make the show all the more exciting for those watching from the comfort of home.

Moreover, even if everything is still a work in progress and Deadline says it’s not currently in the company’s plans, Netflix can take advantage of streaming to launch into the evergreen world of sports. Now, competitors like Amazon Prime Video And + Apple TV They are very active in providing coverage of games played in different sports, so Netflix can test the waters and see if it can create its own space in that area as well.

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The decision to embark on these new frontiers is not too surprising, if you consider that, compared to many years ago, Netflix is ​​now forced to deal with the streaming sector, which no longer has a monopoly on it, in the wake of the emergence of other services such as HBO MaxAnd Disney + And Paramount +In addition to what was mentioned above. In a similar scenario, renewing yourself and offering new scene options becomes essential if you want to continue to be the biggest shark.

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