The IAEA does not monitor security risks in Zaporizhia after the bombing

This content was published on Nov 21, 2022 – 19:24

Vienna, Nov. 21 (EFE). – The International Atomic Energy Agency considers that despite the serious bombing of the Ukrainian power plant in Zaporizhia, there are no “immediate security concerns”.

“The condition of the six reactor units is stable and the safety of used fuel, fresh fuel and low, medium and high activity radioactive waste in their respective repositories has been confirmed,” a statement from the UN’s nuclear energy agency said.

The four international experts at the largest factory in Europe – under Russian occupation – were briefed by management and later inspected for damage caused by the bombings on Saturday and Sunday.

The inspectors were able to see the great damage caused by the bombs in the compound.

said the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, who noted the need to create a security zone around the boat.

The IAEA team noted that there were no further attacks on the plant during the night or so far during the day, although there was shelling in the nearby city of Enerhudar and the industrial area.

The International Atomic Energy Agency considers that the bombings in recent days were the strongest in months, without holding anyone responsible.

UN experts verified damage to the storage tanks, which caused “non-radioactive leaks”, several impacts on the main road adjacent to the plant’s reactors, as well as on a rail and compressed air tube and two collisions on the roof of an auxiliary tube. The building, among other damages.

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Grossi has been pleading unsuccessfully for months with Moscow and Kiev to establish a nuclear safety zone around the plant as soon as possible.

The Zaporizhia plant is currently under the control of Russian forces, but the surrounding areas have been subject to attacks since the beginning of the Russian invasion, on February 24, which the Ukrainians and Russians accuse each other of. EFE


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