The green light from Beijing for the new government, including four officials under US sanctions

John Lee – Hong Kong

Today the Chinese government appointed members of the new Hong Kong government, including among the 26 officials, and four people who have been sanctioned by the United States: Tribune CEO John Lee, Security Minister Chris Tang, and Continental Minister. Affairs Eric Tsang and Senior Secretary of Administration Eric Chan. In introducing the new government to the press, he told me that he “ridiculed the so-called sanctions” and did not pay attention to them. “Some bullying countries tried to intimidate (Hong Kong) officials with measures such as sanctions, especially after their plots to sabotage our national security failed because of the measures we implemented,” Lee said. China’s state-run news agency, Xinhua. “This has made us even more determined to continue to carry out our duties in the field of national security,” he added. The United States blacklisted 11 Hong Kong and Beijing officials in 2019 and imposed sanctions on them in response to the National Security Act, which was seen as a blatant attempt to stifle dissent manifested in participatory pro-democracy protests. The appointment of the new government comes less than two weeks before its members take office on July 1, a historic date for Beijing with the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s transition from British to Chinese rule. There is no confirmation yet that Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the opening ceremony, a rumor reported by state media.

Jun Lee presented his government team to the Chinese executive last Friday, but the names were only revealed to the public today, following the pro-Beijing opinion. “It is a team that shares the same vision. It is heterogeneous, independent and has a great capacity for action,” Lee told Hong Kong Broadcasting Corporation, citing “public officials, professionals and people familiar with the region’s work.” The Hong Kong administration will face major reform under Lee’s mandate, which he asked And he secured the creation of three new deputy ministers (for finance, justice, and administration) and the expansion of government departments from 12 to 15. 3.8 million dollars, also including the reorganization of various government offices, including one dedicated to home affairs and health matters.The public received a preview of his government project on 29 April, the date Lee presented his political manifesto.

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The program – presented in the 44-page English version – proposes four objectives: strengthening governance skills, managing housing problems, improving overall competitiveness, and improving prospects for social advancement of young people. Particular emphasis is placed on the implementation of Article 23 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law, which provides the possibility for the administration to enact its own laws on treason, secession, sedition or subversion against the government of China. The article is not well liked by residents, who sparked a lively protest at the first attempt to approve it which was resolved with the resignation of then-Security Minister Regina Ip.

Jun Lee went to Beijing on May 28 to receive an appointment letter from Communist Party leaders formalizing his term. President Xi Jinping emphasized “full confidence” in the future administration, which “will certainly create a new atmosphere and open a new chapter in the development of the special administrative region.” The meeting with Xi follows a meeting with Premier Li Keqiang, who reminded the leader on the scene of his state’s priorities: government by law, integrating Hong Kong into national development and combating Covid-19. “The Government of China is looking forward and eagerly awaiting the new administration to unite and lead people from all sectors to address societal concerns, continually improve governance, as well as consolidate and strengthen the city’s position as a global center for finance, trade and transportation. He was “deeply honored” with this position, said Li. Emphasizing his “faithfulness” to the policies of the leadership in Beijing.

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