The Governor supports Zacatecans living in the United States

California. Governor David Monreal Avila offered his support to the Zacatecans who live in the United States so that the connection to this important sector is strengthened, in solidarity and gratitude for the great efforts they have made for the entity.

As part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Zacatecano Clubs of Southern California (FCZSC), directed by Jose Guadalupe Gómez de Lara, the state president made available to the citizens of the state various support and sponsorship programs promoted from the state administration.

Meeting in Los Angeles, California, with the presidents of the federations and immigrant clubs present in the United States, Governor David Monreal announced that for all the efforts of the Zacatecans living abroad, various measures would be launched in favor of this segment of the population.

The President stated that during the year 2023, the program of productive transfers will be activated, so that the people of the country of Zacatec origin can access productive, educational and commercial entrepreneurship projects.

Likewise, in collaboration with the Government of Mexico, the state of Zacatecas will be the first state in the country to have a pilot joint investment program in which projects that benefit municipalities and communities in the state will be implemented in a tripartite manner.

For the acquisition and construction of homes, through the Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Regional Planning (Seduvot), Governor David Monreal will launch a program so that citizens who return to their communities, due to various circumstances, can have access to low-cost housing.

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As a repeated request from the immigrant community, the state president announced the holding of two agricultural expos in the United States, exclusively for brothers and sisters living abroad, so that they could have access to agricultural tools and supplies, such as regional agricultural expos were held in Zacatecas.

At the meeting, which took place in the Casa del Zacatecano, Governor David Monreal was personally attended by representatives of immigrant club associations from different regions of the United States, such as Oklahoma, Texas and California, among others.

Before the next vacation period, the Head of State offered the cooperation and coordination of the Peacebuilding Table to accompany migrant caravans on the journey of citizens when they visit the state of Zacatecas.

In the meantime, through the Minister of Tourism of Zacatecas (Sectors), directed by Le Roy Barragán Ocampo, present at the meeting, a tourism exhibition will be held in California to promote the merits of the magical cities of Zacatecas, namely Jerez, Tel de González Ortega, Sombreret, Nochistilan, Pinos and Guadalupe .

With the support of the Secretariat of Zacatecano Migrants (SESAME), chaired by Ivan Reyes Milan, present at the event, the possibility of continuing the Corazón de Plata program was discussed and a schedule of services for citizens to carry out the processing of documents, such as birth certificates, apostilles and others that require.

“I came to tell you that you can move on, and also to thank you for your kindness, for your good deeds, for being part of the development of the country and Mexico, and to remind you of the importance of everything you do for the benefit of the communities and their families in Zacatecas.”

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He reminded them that with good financial management, honesty and transparency, the administrative system was achieved, and in just one year, more than 280 kilometers of highways in the Zacatecan territory have already been repaired and rebuilt, and in these areas, work is currently underway. It is being implemented in 15 municipalities.

In congratulating the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Zacatecan Clubs of Southern California, Governor David Monreal endorsed his support for actions Zacatecas citizens are taking to benefit their indigenous communities, as they have done for decades, as they contribute to the development of the state.

For his part, Jose Guadalupe Gómez endorsed his support for Governor David Monreal to continue support and joint action for the benefit of the state’s municipalities, as well as to solve the various problems plaguing the state, and reminded him that despite the pandemic, the California Clubs Association did not stop supporting Zacatecas.

President David Monreal was also accompanied by Jesus Padilla Estrada, Head of the Field Secretariat. By Julia Olguin Serna, Under Secretary for Political Coordination and Citizen Interest; By Jimena Reyes, Undersecretary for Craft Development in the Ministry of Economy, and also by Victor Ibarra, Governor’s Representative in the United States.

Also present were the mayors of Gotchibela, María del Rocío Moreno Sánchez; Rosaura Sanchez, from Attullinga; Nue Guadalupe Esparza Martinez, from Galba; Juan Rodriguez Valdez, from Banuco; and Rogelio Murillo, representative of the Jerez government, among others.

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