The government confirms that it is participating in an investigation into an alleged Chinese police base in Viña del Mar National

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They confirmed from the government that they are participating in the investigation of the report of the Defenders Protection Organization, which confirms that the Chinese police have set up 54 “service stations” in Chile and 29 other countries, including one of them installed in Viña del Mar.

On Friday, the Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Carolina Tuha, referred to the report of the Defenders Protection Organization, Which states that Chinese police have installed 54 “service stations” in Chile and 29 other countries.

“This is an issue of an international character. The Foreign Minister confirmed that we are ready and active, and we are contributing to this investigation through the investigative police.

He added that “as long as there is relevant information to communicate to the public, we will tell them about it. At the moment, we are participating in the investigation.”

These statements were made after the Cabinet headed by Minister Tuha herself, in which President Gabriel Borek participated, was appointed to mark the reform of the pension system.

The alleged Chinese police base in Viña del Mar

Let us remember that this investigation by the NGO Safeguard Defenders ensures that China operates (or operates) all over the world at least 54 secret and undisclosed police service centers in different countries, and even one of them was located in Viña del Mar, With the aim of forcing the left of the Asian giant to return to the country, and to influence and silence political opponents.

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It is worth noting that they call themselves “110 overseas service stations”, referring to the emergency number of the Chinese police.

BioBioChile gained access to the list of the 30 alleged secret Chinese police stations that were revealed in the report. The number 23 will be the corresponding number for Viña del Mar, with a Chilean address and phone number, which Asian citizens can call in an emergency, just as if it were a police station.

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