The first trailer for the new Netflix series from the creator of Midnight Mass

After the teaser of The Midnight Club, the famous horror author Mike Flanagan ready to come back Netflix With a new TV series, he finally appeared in the first official trailer.

TV series taken from1994 A Novel of the Same Name and Other Works by Christopher Pike And it is set in a facility for young people with terminal illnesses: the heroes are eight patients who meet every night in the middle of the night to tell each other stories, and make a pact… The next person to die will send a signal to the group from outside.

unlike Hill HouseAnd the Play Manor and acclaimed Midnight MassAnd the midnight club It was not entirely written and directed by Mike Flanaganthe author who previously collaborated with Netflix forWritten by Stephen King Gerald He was valued for ambition Sequel to Shining Doctor Sleep. Netflix has revealed the official trailer for The Midnight Club: In addition to Flanagan, in fact, the series has been enriched by the contributions of several other directors, including Viet Nguyen (Lucifer, Sabrina’s Spooky Adventures), Axel Caroline (Creepshow, the haunting of Bleigh Manor), Morgan Bigs (Once Upon a Time, Smallville), Emmanuel Ossi Kfour (black box) and Michael Vimognari (Director of Photography at Chase Hill House).

The series will premiere on Netflix from October 7: What are your expectations? Tell us in the comments.

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