The Finnish national team wants Enrico Duñas

Enrico Duñas was the catalyst in the pre-Olympic tournament and his performance attracted attention not only in the region, but also in close circles around Dutch football and Vitis, the club that provides the services of the striker of El Salvador’s father.

But there’s another option that will want your services, too. SPORTS LPG learned that this week a letter arrived from the Finland Federation asking about the status of Enrico Dueñas and the possibility of obtaining it for the following commitments of the first team, which would bind the player, and if he is accepted, he will not be able to wear it. El Salvador colors.

In this regard, the player has not set an official position. Last week, Duñas Hernandez stated that “he was proud to wear the colors of El Salvador in the pre-Olympics. It was an important experience in my career.”

The Dutch-born player, to a Salvadoran father and a Finnish mother, now has a decision to accept playing for either team, as long as Mexican coach Carlos de los Cobos takes into account the upcoming disqualification date.

Of course, Vitesse has already received the correspondence formally from Finland. Interest in the player after participating in the Olympics opens another door for him.


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