The FIFA has blamed Konadi for delaying the women’s team to the World Cup in Finland

(Photo: Twitter / FMFAOFICIALMX)

Controversial president of the Mexican American Football Federation (FMFA), Cesar BarreraHe was blamed this Tuesday at a press conference on the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports (conid) for delayed file access Women’s team to the World Cup in Finland 2022.

Which is Mexico? He made his debut in the tournament on July 30 against Great Britainthe match that was canceled because the Mexicans did not arrive on time because, for not payingReserved tickets lost.

“The truth is, Conade Resources have no history as such. Conade has no obligation to say he will give it to you in January or February. They didn’t arrive in the right period and that completely changed the scenario for us.”

It is worth noting that The Aztec team is looking forward to a medalBut now he aims to finish fifth out of eight participants, provided he succeeds in the remaining matches.

(Photo: Twitter / FMFAOFICIALMX)
(Photo: Twitter / FMFAOFICIALMX)

“Not arriving on the day of the first match was a mistake and we have to improve it. We hope that our association will change, that in the future we will have our resources and that this will not happen to us again”

The resources received by the Ministry of Finance come from Konadi, an official entity that did not contribute to the budget that Parreira asserted was 2.5 million pesos (about $120,000), which led to the team not arriving on time for the start of the World Cup.

The Mexican team had to travel to Helsinki between 27 and 28 July.

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The manager stated that there was a travel booking with the airline Iberia for the entire team, which It had to be settled on June 8But due to lack of money it was not activated.

(Photo: Instagram/fmfamericanoficial)
(Photo: Instagram/fmfamericanoficial)

“We had our perfect plan, and when it was cancelled we thought we could do it again. Yes, we knew it was going to be a lot more expensive. We knew we had to have Plan B, we got credits, and eventually the resources arrived, but there was no longer room to travel”

The The complexity of finding flights Considering the proximity of the event, it caused instead of spending the budgeted 2.5 million pesos Expenses required nearly doubled.

“I don’t have an exact date when we got the supplier from Conade, but out of the 2.5 million budgeted, they’re now close to 5.5 million.”

Looking at the complex panorama, the night of July 29 Players, family and friends demonstrated Friday on Rio Chorobosko Street Mexico City, at the height of the Mexican Athletic Federation (code me), and request support to be able to travel to the exhibition, as well Parreira’s resignation because they confirmed So they suspect it exists Poor resource management.

(Photo: Instagram/fmfamericanoficial)
(Photo: Instagram/fmfamericanoficial)

In the past The 2017 World Cup was held in CanadaThe Mexican team won Bronze medal.

In the World Cup Finland 2022, in addition to Mexico, national teams participated United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and the host country.

After missing the first match, Mexico will face on Wednesday with Australia.

Ana Gabriela Guevara, President of Konadi (Photo: Konadi)
Ana Gabriela Guevara, President of Konadi (Photo: Konadi)

On the night of July 29, Konadi ruled in the matter with a statement to make it clear n “takes no responsibility” in the offenses of transporting athletes.

The dependency was ‘undistinguished’ from everything relating to air logistics and other aspects involving the international competitions of each federation, except when they participate in Central American Games, Pan American Games and Olympic Games.

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