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Mexico City. The Mexican-American soccer team played its first match in the World Cup and defeated Australia 34-6 in the second round, having missed the first match against Great Britain after series of offenses Which caused the arrival of the Mexican players Almost a week behind the original plan, However, the athletes’ fears do not end, because now they do not have flights back to Mexico.

The Mexican national team concludes its participation in the World Cup Sunday 7 August against Germany, s After one day the players must leave the territory of Finland, Therefore, there is concern from the Mexican embassy in the Finnish capital Helsinki.

Cesar Parreira, president of the Mexican American Football Federation, confirmed at the press conference on August 2, that The players will return to our country on Monday, August 8 in accordance with the contract with the travel agency, Which was itself responsible for managing the foreign trips, agreed on Wednesday, July 27, and this was not finally achieved, as the players left after three days in three blocks.

American football players do not have tickets to return to Mexico: "The embassy is worried"

Players do not have tickets to return to Mexico

However, we contacted Mel Trillo, a Mexican reporter for a company grillsand who is in Helsinki, who shared that with us There are no guarantees that the Mexican players will return on August 8th. Which not only the team is interested in, but also the embassy and the parents of the players who are in Finland.

“The embassy is not like the embassies we know in Mexico, they are huge houses, and the embassy here is literally a department with only five people working. The ambassador and the people who work with him tell us, “Where do we put the 50 people?” The International Federation gives players a hotel until Monday August 8th, and if they haven’t flown by Monday, where will the players be staying?And the Share a mile. “The embassy is concerned about the safety and integrity of the players.”

“As far as we know there are no flights. The embassy is in direct contact with the head coach and If the coach has flights, the embassy won’t ask me to push for return flights. Cesar Parreira said at the conference that he would send tickets to the players and to the coach. Today (August 3) I sat down to talk to the players and none of them traveled.”And the Share Trello.

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American football players do not have tickets to return to Mexico: "The embassy is worried"

Players are loaning their helmets due to lost luggage

Mel arrived in Finland on July 27 to start covering the World Cup on July 28, the day they were waiting for the Mexican players, however, he became a kind of coach, welcoming each of the players who got there. different times and from different parts of Europe, It is widespread in Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and the Netherlands.

Many players arrived frustrated and tired because of In addition to flights that lasted more than 72 hours, they arrived without luggage, Because these have been lost by different parts of the European Union, so Marilyn Garces, for example, could not play against Australia, because she was wearing a military uniform in her lost bag.

A group of more than 30 players are stranded in Paris, France, where The French embassy accommodated the players for the first two nights. For the second time, they stayed in a hotel while finding flights, some with layovers, to Helsinki.

Also, in the match against Australia, the players rolled their helmets, many lost with their bags, and were finally able to vent some of their feelings in the second round match. “Sorry, but tomorrow it will not be who did it for us, but who will pay for it”, The players said the day before the game against the Australians.

Parents worried about players returning

The next match will be against Germany and if the Mexican delegation does not have return tickets by that date, they are afraid to relive what has already happened in the process of arriving in Finland.

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The parents are very worried because they come back between August 7 and 10 and say, “How are we going to leave them here?“.They don’t know the anxiety there is at this time to return because we are on the other side of the world,” They even asked, as a joke, that the players be deported, because they would go safely and arrive in Mexico in a group.

American football players do not have tickets to return to Mexico: "The embassy is worried"

Is there something positive in all of this?

Mel shared that in this case, Players joined. “There is no greater union than when you have a common enemy.” So the players of Pomitas and Mayas, the biggest competition in women’s football, ensure the safety and well-being of their competitors.

Similarly, the Mexican delegation found support for other people of other nationalities who discovered the case of selection And they went to support Mexico in their first match.

Similarly, a Mexican working in a restaurant at Helsinki airport helped the players by inviting them to the venue after they arrived to rest and eat a little food.

Cesar Parreira, president of the Mexican American Football Federation, noted that after the players’ arrival, They will have a forum to express what they went through during the event, So there are still plenty of stories to tell.

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