The faithful from the Vilseck region make a pilgrimage to the small church of Wolfschützen

Father Jamie Joseph of the Vilseck-Schlicht-Sorghof Parish community prays thanksgiving with the faithful at Wolfschützenkapelle in the Grafenwöhr military training area, Tanzwelik Forest region.

Photo: rah

The pilgrimage to Wolfschützenkapelle in the Grafenwöhr military training area was canceled twice. But now the faithful parishes of Velsk, Schleicht, Surgov, Freihong, Tansus and Kaltenbrunn met again to make a pilgrimage together to this place of grace on Trinity Sunday. Traditions date back to a hunting incident involving a wolf in the 17th century, as seen in the altar. A fisherman whose life was in danger sought help from the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary. The son of the hunter finally managed to kill the injured wolf. In recognition of his rescue, the hunter built a chapel there called Wolfschützenkapelle.

According to an old tradition, more than 80 adults and children made their way from the parking lot in Erzhäusl to this perfectly located church in the middle of the Tanzvik district. Vicar Conciliator Father Jimmy Joseph prayed with Trinity worshipers, beginning with the pilgrim’s song “Praise and Glory.” The Blessed Mother was also asked to protect and help her. After the blessing, the priest thanked all the participants for praying and singing along, and he thanked the foresters in the Tanzwijk District of the Grafnohr Federal Forestry Office for the care and decoration of the church and front yard. After that there was still plenty of time to chat in the countryside, where the foresters offered food and drink to the faithful.

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