The Embassy of Switzerland, the INAH Center and the Ministry of Culture will restore 50 porcelain pieces from Puebla

50 ceramic pieces PueblaThrough the Archaeological Project “Proposal for the Preservation and Restoration of Archaeological Assets at Risk of Complete Loss or Partial Impact of the Collections of Community Museums in the State of Puebla”.

The program that received 1.5 million pesos, half of which was awarded by Swiss Confederation and the other half for Ministry of State for Culture.

Program coordinated by Swiss Embassy at MexicoThe Ministry of Culture center National Institute for Anthropology of History (INAH) Puebla with the aim of preserving and preserving historical pieces.

Working with the European country for reconstruction, assessment and proof of compliance with agreements signed in 2018 with the Federal Government.

The Ministry of Culture Participate in the call from Swiss Embassy In the country, in order to preserve and interfere with personal property of pre-Hispanic origin that works jointly through advice and support with the INAH Centre.

Pieces of heritage and archaeological value from five community museums in the municipalities of Tecamachalco, Chalchicumola, Coxcatlan, Zacatlan and Tlatelauquetepec, as well as Ceramótica del Centro INAH Puebla.

Every year the government Swiss Through her cultural office, she opens invitations to support projects at the international level, which on this occasion were a favorite of the Puebla museums.

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