The electric car paradox: There are more and more cars going out in California

If we were to point out the main challenge that national governments would be prepared to face unanimously, they would respond with one formula: environmental transformation. From the European Union to the United States, the primary goal of the globe is to save a planet that is “dying” due to human industrial and polluting activities.

However, there is still a question that cannot be underestimated: Who will have to pay more, in social and economic terms, for the taxes applied to the environmental leap? As of today, it looks like it is American and European productivity to meet the most expensive prices. This can be seen in the issue of coal production, one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions.

Despite the green deal, environmental taxes and countless restrictions on the movement of polluting vehicles, Our continent produces only 3 percent of coal globally. If we also add the United States and Australia, the percentage corresponds to 12 percent.

On the contrary, if we turn to the Asian front, it is China that has the absolute priority: The dragon itself produces 50% of the coal in the world, followed by India, which raised the previous value to 62 percent. Despite self-imposed goals by Western governments, through tax increases, the Paris Treaties, COP26, and production bans, Beijing is acting unimpeded in implementing Purely polluted policyNot interested in environmental goals. The end result is that the continued economic growth of the Chinese giant, at the expense of our zigzag economies, is being further tested by this depopulated green phenomenon.

California state

California is among the states that embody an environmental Christian education policy. As noted in 255 pages of the ambitious proposal for California Air Resources Boarda call Scoping planThe goal is to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions, in mind-boggling numbers. On the one hand, the plan provides for a 40 percent reduction in carbon dioxide produced, compared to 1990 levels, by 2030; In addition to Total carbon removal by 2045. Added to this is the intention to dispose of 91% of the used oil within twenty years.

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The total cost of the actions is about $45 billion, which must be added to the investments applied under California legislation, starting in 2012. The California Climate Investment Fund consists, in fact, of another 12 billion raised by the government. In short, only for the respective state, Expenditures for the past ten yearsin the green field, Nearly 60 billion dollars.

But it is the Biden administration itself that follows the Californian pattern. In fact, last August the US President signed a new climate law, Ready to allocate a whopping $370 billionIt is the largest action the federal government has taken to combat climate change. Despite everything, experts have already mentioned how These investments will not be sufficient to achieve the goals installed. It is precisely here that the economic distortions caused by environmental policy intersect: tax increases and driving bans.

Last year, Joe Biden signed an executive order mandating the sale of electric vehicles until electric vehicles reach 50 percent — up from 6 percent today — of all vehicles on the road by 2030. On top of that. There is still the impossibility of implementing such a measure: many car manufacturers have stated that their strategies are in line with the goal of promoting zero-emissions vehicles, but it still stands. Impossibility to put it into practicedue to the absence of national supply chains. But that doesn’t matter California: companies that don’t meet legislative deadlines or don’t meet production targets, They will be fined $20,000which are surrounded by the 15 environmental fees that must be financially borne by the produced devices.

Green switch damage

But it doesn’t stop there. Precisely because of the unbridled environment of California governors, the state is among those who have The highest tax rate in the country Stars and Stripes, with a minimum tax burden of approximately 10 percent, and a maximum of 13.3 percent. These numbers, which would be very low for Italy, are not, however, for the rest of the USA. Consider, for example, the territories of Tennessee, Florida or Delaware, where taxes range from 5 to 6.5 percent.

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Moreover, since last August, where we were able to check after the recommendation of dinner on the site, California government set Commitment not to recharge electric vehicles; In addition to an absolute ban on electricity supply between 4 and 9 am. the reason? There is not enough power to keep up with all electric cars, which has increased their production blackout risksfor a supply deficit of 1,700 megawatts, a quantity capable of satisfying more than one and a half million Californians.

In addition to harm, there is also insult. Within the scoping plan, four different potential scenarios are identified, to be applied to achieve the green goals. Within a given table, it is accepted as The measures will mean a minimum loss of 80,000 jobsWith a maximum of nearly 400 thousand workers. Economic and social harm will be assessed by California institutions, depending on the model chosen. Currently, my favorite track is chart number 3. Below, this is the table.

Green politics make you poorer

Added to this is the Democratic Party’s fears of the explosion of economic inequalities among the population. In California itself, in fact, the above increases have led One-sixth of the population is in a state of “energy poverty”That is, when a family spends more than 10 percent of its income on bills. Keep in mind that California has an average income of $120,000, being one of the states with the highest GDP in the world. What would happen if these environmental measures were applied to less wealthy countries, including Italy itself? The result is shown in the paragraph below: According to the data EurostatAnd the Citizens will have to pay more taxes. Please, get poorer.

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US Democrats’ doubts

Not only Republicans, even some prominent US Democrats are not blindly following the California strategy, which the White House uses as a model. according to Katherine Rhees BoydPresident and CEO of Western Petroleum Association of the Stateswhich represents oil and gas companies, the new scoping plan should take into account “how Californians really live, Without relying on theories and infrastructures that do not existAnd again: “The plan will impose more prohibitions, mandates, and costly regulations, which are designed to affect every aspect of how we work, play and travel.” Added to this are the concerns he has expressed. Marie ChoiDirector of Communications atAsia Pacific Environmental Network: “The plan started with a very large number of provisions and millions more were awarded. The compensations are basically arithmetic means, which do not allow major polluters to continue to fuel climate disasters.”

Moreover, criticism also comes from Senator Bob Wyckowski, chair of the Senate Environmental Budget Subcommittee, who outlined how The risk of seeing the implementation of the plan fail is “a very real risk”and was later accompanied by the same convictions as Ross Brown, a member of the Legislative Analysts Bureau.

The council is expected to vote on the entire plan next fall. And the second Forbes, it is not excluded that he may also be supported by some representatives of the Republican Party. Beyond the end result, it jumps to the eye catastrophic scenario, from an economic, practical and social point of view, which we have just described. Can we save the planet? This is not certain. Indeed, according to many experts, all this will not be enough at all. Are we going to destroy our existing productive structure and social cohesion? About this, there is a lot of certainty. Unfortunately.

Matteo Milanesi September 14, 2022

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