The economic prize that Peru will get if it beats Australia and qualifies for Qatar 2022

Next Monday, June 13, Peruvian football team The clip will play to World Cup Qatar 2022 In view of Australia. The winning team will be classified into Group D together France, Denmark and Tunisia. The match will be held in the city of DohaIn one of the stadiums that will later be used in the World Cup.

Team Ricardo Gareca seeking to qualify for a sixth World Cup, but to do so they will first have to beat the Australians who just eliminated the team from The United Arab Emiratesdirected byBasque “Arruabarrena .”.

But in addition to qualifying for the World Cup Qatar 2022the victory would also mean significant economic income for peru football federation. The winner of the match will receive a prize $1.5 million, which was awarded by FIFA. This is the prize for all the teams that qualified for the next prize world Cup. There are currently 30 secret teams, and it remains to be seen what happens with them Peru and the United Arab Emirates And what happens with the other party between Costa Rica and New Zealand.

As is usually the case with this type of economic award, the value is distributed between the union and the campus. However, this is not an obligation and it all depends on what was initially arranged.

Peru and Australia will meet in Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, which is a container built in 2003, initially to hold 20,000 people. Although after being redesigned, today it has a capacity of 40,000 people.

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So much is that this party generates for the Peruvians that the executive branch itself considered declaring a day off next Monday. “On Monday, in fact, we will win. We are very optimistic, with red and white on our chest. Yesterday this alternative was raised and this alternative that appeared on Monday at least in which Peru plays is assessed as not working, and it can be recovered”commented on Wednesday on Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade, Roberto Sanchez.

However, the procedure was not taken in the best way by everyone. until the Chamber of Commerce of Lima This was deemed unnecessary and even detrimental to the country’s economic health in the midst of the current crisis. According to the authorities, if a national holiday is declared on June 13, Peru could lose up to 1,500 million Sudanese pounds of GDP, with 4.1 million workers in the private sector and 1.6 million in the public sector being paralyzed. ..

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