The destination of Africa, because it is convenient to Italy (plus the Balkans and the Mediterranean)

Libya, Gas, Eni, Horn of Africa, Minerals: The Executive has a thousand and more reasons to enhance not only cooperation, but also a strategic presence on the continent in light of the French disengagement and ultimatums from the United States about Russian targets.

Not only the Mediterranean and the Balkans. he is L ‘Africa The other big test of European-Italian strategies. A small guide to the new government on the key files: gas, with talks by where are you in Algeria; Minister Tajani It says, “Italy is the champion of peace from the Balkans to Africa.” there Libya As a file to be presented to the government under various aspects (economy, immigration); there geopoliticswith a network of alliances and partnerships to be preferred to our companies.


In a conversation with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio GuterresOn the sidelines of the Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Summit, the Italian Prime Minister, Georgia MeloniThey renewed their support for the mediation of the United Nations in Libya. Also Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini He announced the possibility of constructing a coastal highway linking eastern and western Libya, given that “Italy promised many years ago to build infrastructure.” The goal is Bringing the warring parties closer to the possibility of Italy regaining its leadership role. But how do we do that in practice?

A few days ago, at the 31st Summit of the Arab League, the Algiers Declaration was reinforced, which called for joint action to confront regional and global challenges: that is, with regard to the Libyan crisis, the Arab leaders announced an intrusive process, in accordance with United Nations resolutions. On this point, the State Department issued a warning: No country can impose a solution to the crisis in Libya, including external players (such as Russia and Turkey), which is why Washington is conducting a series of talks with the government. Sisi Given the potential repercussions in Egypt.

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Italy and Algeria

over herewhere are you Announcing the start of production of the HDLE/HDLS field, after a discovery six months ago, in partnership with Sonatrach: this will result in a net production of over 120,000 boed in 2023, strengthening the company’s role as the main energy international company in the country. Two months ago, the first dog among the six-legged dogs, Claudio Descalzi, announced its acquisition of BP’s activities in Algeria, including the fields of In Amenas and Ain Salah, the two most important production fields, and the European Commission gave the green light to the joint. adventure between hump The Eni to manage A pipeline across the Mediterranean Used to import gas from North Africa to Rome. In addition, Fiat has just signed a framework agreement for 90,000 vehicles per year, which will be built by the end of 2023.

Russia and Algeria

A few days ago, some Russian ships docked in Algeria to conduct some joint naval exercises: In 2021, the Russian and Algerian warships conducted joint naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean, considering that Algeria is one of Russia’s most important military allies on the continent. . This, especially after the energy agreements signed between Italy and Algeria, the potential and close talks between Algeria and Moscow are causing concern. Specifically, the Algerian president, Abdel Majid TabounIn Moscow, it will be in Moscow to sign a 10-year arms supply worth $12 billion, making the country one of the largest importers of Russian arms in the world.

On this point there is a movement of some members of the US Congress led by the Republican Lisa McClainwhich was contained in a letter to the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken They expressed serious concern about the relationship between Russia and Algeria.

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The Sahel and the Horn of Africa

Europe and Italy have an opportunity, in light of recent events, to recognize the coast as a geopolitical central band, which has subtle implications for migration and energy. The crisis in the Sahel is unprecedented and multidimensional: basically, most countries have lost their governance capabilities, so the first step would be the active participation of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), but from the point of view of project design and not the need to face another emergency.

To get an idea of ​​the considerations other players in the area have, We must remember that the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan He constantly dedicates his interest and travels to AfricaThanks to the links strengthened through the so-called “Strategic Africa” ​​tool. In fact, in 2021, Turkish companies implemented 1,150 projects across the continent, which helped increase the volume of Turkish foreign trade with Africa by 24.8%.

critical issues

The region is experiencing a well-known French disarmament, after the president Emmanuel Macron French forces withdrew from their base in the financial city of Gao on August 15. Al-Qaeda-linked groups and the Islamic State are proliferating in the region and the culmination of the seventh coup in just two years in Burkina Faso is indicative of the failure of all locally applied policies.

The topic was discussed two days ago in New York by the Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations in New York Maurizio Massari, and Assistant Secretary-General for Africa, Martha Ama Akiya Bobby. Regional fragility is the context in which outside parties will find themselves moving, realizing that the signing of the peace agreement in Ethiopia is a positive point. In fact, last November 3, the seal of the cessation of hostilities between the Government of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front came as a result of the African Union-led talks.

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