The deputies also criticized the absence of the road police and the preparation of reforms

Representatives and members of the Committee on Mobility and Transportation of the Jalisco Congress in the performance of the road police agreed on deficiencies that must be corrected.

Monica Magana, Chair of the Commission, commented that strengthening the work of agents will be one of the priority points in the reforms of the state legal framework that will be implemented after the approval of the General Law on Road Safety.

“We need to enhance road safety. Yes, it’s a fact that it requires more budget, more items, or a bigger presence in the city. The big issue is that the road police are armed and cannot belong to another region (only to the Minister of Security). Emista said.

Legislator Oscar Vasquez (Morena) stressed the need to review the company’s procedures and strive to make them more efficient. “It is clear that there is a clear absence and inability of the road police to simplify the movement,” he stressed.

Rep. Susana de la Rosa (future) questioned the lack of coordination, which asked for more flexible and safer streets. “It’s good to have technology like cameras, but also people.”
Julio Cesar Hurtado Luna (PAN) added that the mechanism of road agents could be revised to promote street work.

On Wednesday, Juan Jose Frangi, the mayor of Zapopan, criticized the absence of highway police on city streets, and the governor of Jalisco responded that he should “calm down”.

However, Frangie responded yesterday that it is not about that, but rather about proposing a comprehensive solution to increase the presence of road agents and improve traffic in the city. Even if the solution was for the municipalities to take responsibility for mobility, he was willing to analyze the problem.

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