The defeat of Trumpism is also the defeat of Moscow.

The defeat of Trumpism in the United States, in the wake of the midterm elections that took place on Tuesday, November 8, also represents a political defeat for Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin. Sydney BlumenthalThe former advisor to former United States President Bill Clinton indicated in an interview with the agency “Agenzia Nova” that The Kremlin Count on Republicans, especially candidates backed by former President Donald Trump, winning last week’s elections. He points out that “Putin’s goal is to create discord, chaos and polarization in the United States, and Trump is part of this project,” adding that the former US president now completely controls the Republicans. At the moment, he says, “there is no real current capable of opposing Trumpism” within the party. According to these considerations, according to Blumenthal, the results of the midterm elections acquire more importance. Democrats consolidated control of the Senate thanks to a victory John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, which made it possible to reach 51 seats. In the House of Representatives, with only three districts across the country still counting votes, Republicans won the majority after taking 218 seats, but far fewer than expected in the weeks leading up to the election.

The so-called red wave, whose predictions the press also pushed forward, did not come true: the candidates are supported by Donald Trump “They underperformed significantly compared to what was expected,” says Blumenthal, noting that midterm elections traditionally see a loss of support for the incumbent’s party. He explains that “the average loss for the ruling party in the midterm elections is about 33 seats in the House of Representatives: this time, the Republicans won less than ten,” noting that it was “one real defeat.” However, this does not mean that former President Donald Trump can still count on very strong influence within the party, and that the candidates he supports (who have repeatedly opposed Joe Biden winning the 2020 presidential election) They won many districts in the House of Representatives.

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With the election of the Republican Kevin McCarthy To the presidency of the House of Representatives, the latter could become “a political tool in the hands of Trump, who will become the de facto president.” According to Blumenthal, McCarthy could only maintain his position by unconditionally supporting Trump. “If he doesn’t do it, or refuses, they will liquidate him,” he explains. Moreover, in recent weeks, several House GOP representatives have stated that they want to get started (or to be ahead of the curve) Parliamentary investigations with the Justice Department and other agencies of the Biden administration. In early November, Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee notified the Justice Department and others Federal Bureau of Investigation (The FBI) ​​Launching a series of investigations against the two agencies, in the event that the Republicans in the House of Representatives win Congress. On this occasion, the deputies also published a report of more than a thousand pages, made thanks to the testimony of informants within the FBI, in which they denounced “political dishonesty, irresponsibility and abuse of power.” Just yesterday, Republican members of the House Oversight Committee released a 32-page report regarding an investigation into President Joe Biden after Rep. James Comer and Jim Jordan accused him of “actively participating” in foreign business reporting involving his son, Hunter.

Remember the congressional investigations (Initiated by Republican push, to verify alleged liability of Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time) Regarding the attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi on September 12, 2012, as a result of which four US citizens were killed, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Blumenthal believes that the Republicans will take advantage of the majority “to thwart the activities of the Department of Justice, and to launch investigations aimed exclusively at protecting Trump from The criminal cases he faces. On the possibility of demanding the dismissal of the President of the Republic Joe Biden“Some Republicans have already floated this idea, but it will only discredit them further,” Blumenthal notes. According to him, this would be a different situation from the accusations against Trump. “Between 1998 and 1999, Republicans called for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and that greatly increased his popularity: the same thing would happen with Biden,” he says, adding that a similar effect would also occur if Republicans pressed to stop military and financial aid to Ukraine.

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About Trump’s candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, which he announced days before his residence in Mar-a-LagoIn Florida, Blumenthal notes, Trump supporters still represent a mainstream majority within the party, even if several major donors distance themselves from the former president’s figure. This is the case, for example, for Rupert Murdoch, founder and owner of the editorial group News Corp (which also controls The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal, and the Fox Television Company). “Even if they are still guilty, because they contributed to the formation of his personality, now they are looking for a new candidate in Ron DeSantis,” Blumenthal explains, even if, according to him, it is not yet clear whether the governor of Florida will be able to replace Trump. “He is not very charismatic, and he still has to prove his ability to become a leading figure even at the national level within the party,” the former Clinton adviser concludes.

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