The death toll from floods and landslides in East Timor, Indonesia, has risen to 85

The death toll from floods and landslides in Indonesia and neighboring Timor has risen to 65. AFP news.

Heavy rains have caused massive damage in areas from the Indonesian islands of Flores to East Timor. Thousands of people have fled their homes and sought refuge in safer places.

Water flows over the dam due to floods and landslides. As a result, thousands of homes were flooded. Rescuers rush to rescue the trapped.

“55 people were killed,” said Raditiya Jati, a spokesman for the Indonesian disaster management agency. But the numbers are very variable and will definitely change. Besides, 42 people are still missing.

Meanwhile, at least 21 people have been killed in East Timor. This small island is located between Indonesia and Australia. Floods inundated the nation’s capital, Delhi. Most of the deaths occurred in Delhi.

In East Flores, Indonesia, homes, bridges and roads are covered in mud. “Mud and severe weather have become one of the main challenges, and rubble hinders search and rescue operations,” Gati said.

Frightened residents gathered at shelters, and some took refuge in the intact area of ​​the house.

“The displaced are scattered,” said Alphonse Hida Bethan, head of the East Flores disaster management agency. There are hundreds of affected people in every region but many of them are staying in their homes. “They need medicine, food and blankets,” he said.

“We believe many people are buried, but it is not clear how many are missing,” Bethany said.

Severe landslides and floods often occur during the monsoon season in Indonesia. In January this year, flash floods in Sumedang, West Java province, killed at least 40 people.

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