The crushing path of Hurricane Seroja in Australia leaves more than 30,000 people without electricity – El Financiero

A devastating hurricane ravaged several towns on Australia’s western coast, blew windows, uprooted trees and caused blackouts. No serious injuries were reported.

Tropical cyclone Seroga Authorities said on Monday they had crossed the coast of Western Australia, south of the resort town of Calbary, with winds of up to 170 kilometers per hour, shortly after dark on Sunday.

About 70 percent of buildings have been damaged in Kalbarri, a town of 1,400 people located 580 kilometers north of the state capital Perth, according to Darren Clem, the commissioner of the Fire and Emergency Department.

He noted that about 30 percent of this damage was “significant.”

Other coastal cities suffered less damage. The state electricity company Western Power reported this 31,500 customers lost power.

The subtropical region of Australia does not usually contain such powerful hurricanes.

It is probable that the donations were recorded in Calbary and its vicinity “The strongest in more than 50 years”The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said in a statement.

The last similar hurricane struck the area in 1956. winds of up to 140 kilometers per hour were recorded in the port city of Geraldton, 160 kilometers south of Calbary, where there was no weather station at the time.

Cyclone Seroga Last week it caused floods and landslides They killed at least 174 people and lost 48 in Indonesia and East Timor.

The storm lost its momentum on Monday before heading to the sea near Esperance.

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