The Chinese astronauts have returned after an absence of six months.

Status: 04/16/2022 08:39 AM

Three astronauts successfully landed in the Gobi Desert six months later aboard the Tiangong Space Station. Chinese astronauts have completed field missions and experiments while teaching physics from space.

Wаng Zhai Zhigаng, Wаng Yaping and Ye Guаngfu, three Chinese astronauts, have returned to Earth after a 183-day flight. Just before ten in the morning, their capsule landed safely in the Chinese Gobi Desert. 4:00 a.m. Beijing time and time zone is Central European Daylight Time. The country’s longest manned space mission has ended, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

The capsule flew at 200 meters per second over Africa before entering the atmosphere and images from inside the capsule were broadcast live on television.

Physics from space

Zhai, Wаng, and Ye spent six months at the Tiangong (Sky Palace) space station, where military pilot Wаng became China’s first astronaut. Wang Zhai Zhihang, who became the first Chinese to enter space in 2008, was in charge of the mission.

In addition to two flights to work on the station, the astronauts completed several science experiments and technological tests. The crew taught physics to Chinese students from space in December.

The crew was the second on the station, and two more units are scheduled to arrive later this year. China has spent billions of dollars catching up with the United States and Russia in the space race in recent years.

Last year, the space station’s base unit was successfully launched into orbit. According to Chinese plans, Tiangong is supposed to start operating at full capacity this year. After that, China wants to keep an inhabited outpost there indefinitely. According to the Chinese government, humans will be sent to the moon for the first time in 2029.

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China is only the third country after the former Soviet Union and the United States to send astronauts into space with their own technology. Since China’s space program is run by the military, which the United States opposes, it has been banned from the International Space Station.


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