Carpineros arrested two men who staged a knife fight in San Pedro de La Paz. As reported, both have extensive criminal records.

security camera Captured a knife fight in the middle of San Pedro de La Paz avenueOn the vital biome. Both those involved were arrested.

The action was carried out by 6 employees of the San Pedro de La Paz police station after neighbors were alerted to the fight.

In the record, it was noted A man with a naked torso, throwing an item at another person who was outside the house.

Immediately after that, both with knives in their hands star in a fight.

Then he notices that the policemen attend the place and incarnate Capture both subjects.

According to the Carabineros, Both have extensive criminal records. And knives were seized as evidence of what happened.

This article describes an ongoing judicial process

There is a possibility that the charges will be dropped at the end of the investigation, so Defendant(s) should not be held guilty Until the court rules against him.
(Article 4 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).