The best option for the Argentines in the Qatar World Cup 2022: not to exchange the dollar, but the peso for the Qatari riyal.

Soccer – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Group C – Argentina vs Mexico – Lusail Stadium, Lusail, Qatar – November 26, 2022 Argentina’s Lionel Messi celebrates scoring his first goal as fans react.

A lot of “Qatari dollars” were made, to increase the cost of the peso to the dollar that Argentines would spend on travel, accommodation and other costs for the time they spent in the Arab emirate, who was attracted by the sight of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In addition, before the ball really began to roll, the first advances discovered in Doha, the Qatari capital, and elsewhere in the emirate, that they did not accept in exchange offices, as in some places in Argentina, “small” faces “dollars, That is, those hundred dollars that were issued between 1914 and 1996 and in which the figure of Benjamin Franklin appears in an oval frame and smaller than the image of later issues, of the dollars with the “big face” Franklin, which were issued until 2013. The pinnacle of the precious is the demand for the dollar ” blue”.

Decision No. 5272, according to which the Bahrain Electricity and Gas Bank applied the Qatari dollar, adding an additional tax of 25%, which is added to the already existing 45 and 30%, which ends up doubling the official exchange rate. The cap of $300 per month without those additional fees (and per person, not per card or account) made the World Cup trip even more complicated, especially considering that those $300 weren’t a “privilege”: if someone spent $301 of “Qatar Dollars”, a surcharge of 25% will be applied to the total, not to the excess dollar.

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The solution – so inconceivable and unexpected, that it took some time to figure it out – is for Argentines to come in Qatari exchange offices in pesos and with them the local currencies.

journalist German Sasso He said on Twitter: “In exchange, not only is it more difficult for them to accept dollars than pesos, but it is better for the Argentine citizen to change the national currency and keep the dollar.”

In fact, an invoice for the purchase of QAR by an Argentine in pesos that has reached Infobae and whose photograph is attached, with PII preserved, shows a purchase of QAR 6,869 for AAR 321,000. That is, the exchange house quoted the riyal at 42.73 Argentine pesos (or, conversely, the Argentine peso at 2.41 cents of the Qatari riyal). Approximately 3.70 reals are needed to purchase one dollar, which means that the operation is equivalent to recognition at an exchange rate of 173 Argentine pesos per US dollar.

Receipt of the peso exchange process in Qatari riyals.  The implied exchange rate is $173 per US dollar.  Ergo: It is comfortable to use weights, if you have enough "physical"
Receipt of the peso exchange process in Qatari riyals. The implied exchange rate is $173 per US dollar. Ergo: it is convenient to use weights, if you are “physical” enough

In other words, Qatari exchange companies (or at least Al Mana Exchange LLC.

So the solution is simple: if you go to Qatar, take the Argentine peso with you, as if it were hard currency.

The problem, of course, is that due to the cost of living in Qatar, it is necessary to carry a separate bag or suitcase to store enough pesos. And to encourage them to consider their admission to the emirate.

On the other hand, despite the various shenanigans and the final decision to apply Qatar Dollars, the truth is that the procedure was not fully operational, not even on the Argentine side, since the payment processing companies still did not have the way. To apply an additional charge of 25% per person instead of a single card, to see if they exceed the $300 monthly quota to which 40 and “only” 35% tax advances apply. So they need information that AFIP has not yet made available to them.

Thus, the “Qatar dollar” has so far been a hoax that many Argentines ate before the start of the World Cup.

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