The beatification of the founder of the Schoenstat movement has been suspended

The Sisters of Mary Schoenstat indicated in a statement that the process of beatification of the movement’s religious founder, Joseph Kentenich, which began in 1975, had been suspended.

As they explained, the decision was made in Germany by the Bishop of Trier, Stefan Ackermann.

“As the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary, we are saddened by this decision, although we still do not know the practical consequences involved in this declaration. However, this news does not discourage us from carrying forward our mission every day, with great joy and enthusiasm, and spreading Our talent and work as instruments of the covenant of love with Mary, striving for holiness in our daily work. We ask you to accompany us in this process with your prayers,” said the statement from the Schweinstat Sisters to Mary.

Meanwhile, it was reported from the Diocese of Trier that the background to the decision was the accusations against Kentenich that gained notoriety in 2020, when it was announced that the Vatican had punished the religious leader in 1951 for Sexual abuse and power.

But they noted that with the process of beatification suspended, no judgment was passed on the priest’s life and work.

In the publication German Religious Representation, which was shared on the official website of the movement, it was explained that with the opening of the Vatican archives (until the end of the reign of Pope Pius XII, in 1958) there were available documents that were not available. She was able to integrate into the diocesan investigation of the process of beatification of the founder of the Schoenstat movement.

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Bishop Ackermann noted that “discussions in the past two years have indicated the need for a deeper investigation into Kentenich’s person and work.”

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