The Bavarian Urban Development Finance Program aims to strengthen rural areas – about 10 million euros flow into Swabia

This year, the Free State of Bavaria supports 294 cities, markets and municipalities with more than 78 million euros from the Bavaria Urban Development Program. These funds will benefit small towns and communities in rural areas in particular.

Weißenhorn receives about 1 million euros for the old town

Bavarian Construction Minister Christian Bernreiter: “The funds will benefit towns and small communities in rural areas in particular. We help them maintain and strengthen city centers, eliminating vacant buildings and filling them with life.” About 84 percent of the money from the Bavarian Urban Development Finance Program flows into rural areas. Nearly 10 million euros will go to Swabia this year.

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Source: Ministry of Construction

With more than 78 million euros, the state’s urban development financing program remains a reliable partner for Bavarian cities, markets and communities. Minister Bernreiter: “The Bavarian inner cities and city centers must remain attractive and livable. That’s why we support our Bavarian communities in saving space, focusing on internal development and using vacant jobs, as well as reviving commercial and industrial wastelands. For municipalities that maintain land, we are increasing the subsidy rate to 80 percent. By doing so, we respect the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly settlements. “Conserving existing buildings is a priority in urban development financing, as it is also about saving energy and greenhouse gases. The contribution of urban development financing to climate and resource protection will continue to be strongly pursued.

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