The attackers end up pleading after being caught; Victim kicks them

crying and beggingThis is how the thieves ended up by the Colombian police After trying to rob a motorist who was waiting at a traffic light.

in it Video you can watch two thieves Lying on the floor, crying and pleading with the police to let them go.

It is known that the events occurred at the crossing Medellinin Colombia.

In the pictures, the two thieves are shown struggling with their victim, and minutes later they tried to escape, but in the end were taken into custody by the police.

It is clear that the criminals did not notice the presence of a Police Motorcycle when he was raided.

Criminals ask for forgiveness

After the criminals are arrested, they are lying on the floor being kicked by their alleged victim.

The Thieves video The invitations spread on Twitter.

Social media users noted that it was a “great end” for the abusers and called for justice and exemplary punishment.


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