The Addams Family will get more space in the Netflix series

WednesdaySeason 2 of the popular Netflix series will feature more of the eccentric Addams Family.

WednesdayIn season two, there will be more room for the Addams family: “We just touched the roof.”

WednesdayNetflix series created by Tim Burton starring Jenna Ortegait’s arrived Aired November 23 He was immediately welcomed by the affection and affection of the director’s fans Edward’s hand is scissored.

trailer Wednesday.

The series offers an alternate look and Closer to the pages of the comic book created by Charles Addams in 1938Compared to the popular 1964 black-and-white TV series about the bizarre and brutal Addams Family. The focus was, in fact, centered on her daughter Wednesday, who is struggling with the difficult stage of adolescence, made even more complicated by the odd upbringing she received from her family. If Addams wasn’t very present in the first season of the series, precisely because of the greater interest in the main character, things should definitely change in season two, according to a showrunner’s words.

WednesdaySeason 2 will tell more about the Addams family and the relationship between the protagonist and her mother, Morticia

Jenna Ortega stars in the Netflix series Wednesday.

Miles Millarco-showrunner on the Netflix series, I have announced Which in the second season of the show is precisely the intention Give more space to the protagonist’s family and show the relationships within it.

We feel like we’ve only touched the surface of these characters And with such wonderful actors in those roles. I think that Catherine Zeta-Jones Iconic Morticia brought to life. The relationship between her and Wednesday is central to the showPlus the idea that this young woman is trying to make her way outside of her family. We obviously intend to stay focused on Wednesday, but if the series is confirmed for a second season, we definitely want to deepen the representation of this family, as we already did in the first, with two episodes dedicated to them.”

WednesdayAl Gough, the other showrunner, stresses the importance of following the protagonist’s development into the delicate stage of adolescence

Also the other viewer of the series, Hollowbelieves that Wednesday’s complex adolescence should remain centralshowing his journey through relationships with his family but also with his friends.

The series is about a girl He sees the world in black and white but also begins to see that there are some shades of grey. I believe every relationship or friendship can be complicated by external factors, not everything always goes smoothly, and we want to show Wed how he understands How to deal with the ups and downs of any friendship“.

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