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Those who appreciate stories with time travel, perhaps even seasoned with action and comedy, don’t miss it. Adam’s Project, a family adventure film directed by Sean Levy (“Free Man”) and starring a number of stars: Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner. It airs on Netflix on Friday, March 11th.

Project Adam, it’s all about the movie

The plot tells of a fighter pilot He goes back in time and ally himself with the younger version of him (To be exact, he was twelve years old) in order to accomplish a task on which the future of mankind depends. At first, cooperation between the two will not be easy, but after a while they will discover how to make a couple and at the same time they will learn how to deal with the emotional trauma that characterized their lives.

“The Adam Project” brings together actor and producer Ryan Reynolds with the director Shawn Levy, who returned to acting together after their success in the action comedy Free Guy (2021). The script was written by the trio Jonathan Trooper (“Warrior”), TS Nowlin (the epic “Maze Runner”) and Jennifer Flackett (“Big Mouth”). Finally, in the cast, the previously mentioned Ryan Reynolds, seen in the films “Deadpool” and “Red Notice”, and then Zoe Saldana (Gamora of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), Mark Ruffalo (structure from UCM), Jennifer Garner (“Nick name”) , Catherine Keener (‘Escape – Get Out’) and the young rookie Walker Scoble.

Fun Fact: Work began on what would become The Adam Project in 2012 and at that time The protagonist should have been Tom Cruise. Then things got complicated, and the project underwent arrests and restarts. Ultimately, Netflix’s entry into the scene gave rise to the movie as we see it now.

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The trailer is dubbed in Italian

Reviews and how to watch the movie

Not many reviews of “The Adam Project” have been published yet, but in the US, some critics who have reviewed it have already reviewed it. Anticipate their judgment on social media. Overall, it’s a relief to a film that manages to blend sci-fi, adventure, and comedy well, and also makes room for some real feelings. In general, therefore, an excellent hypothesis.
Anyone who wishes to be seduced by a vision, consider The Adam Project It takes 1 hour and 46 minutes and that young viewers are better off watching it when they are accompanied by adults. For the rest, the date is set for March 11, the day of inclusion in the Netflix streaming content catalog.

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