The 2027 Rugby World Cup will be held in Australia, and the next one will be held in the United States


In this context, the head of the entity said, Sir Bill Beaumontconfirmed: “We have approved three exceptional host countries for the Rugby World Cup – England, Australia and the USA – providing unprecedented certainty and an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate the growth and impact of rugby globally. It is fantastic for the rugby, fans and communities the hosts.

On his part, the owner Australian rugbyAnd Hamish McLennanhe mentioned that he was “Historic day for Australian rugby” which was found “More than excited to welcome not one World Cup, but two World Cups.”

“Rugby will change this country; it is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revitalize and secure the future of rugby in this country.”confirmed McLennan.

As for the United Statethe culmination of a long rugby development project, in particular with rugby league. president Joe Biden It also boosted the American nomination.

To these sounds a sound has also been added Executive Director from USA rugbyAnd Ross Youngwho noted: “I speak on behalf of the rugby community and fans in the United States when I express our sincere gratitude to world rugby for their trust and support for our vision to dramatically grow this wonderful sport throughout our country.”

So far, the men’s World Cup has been as follows:

+ 1987 in Australia and New Zealand champion New Zealand.

+ 1991 AD in the United Kingdom, Ireland and France, the Australian champion.

+ 1995 m in South Africa, South African champion

+ 1999 in the United Kingdom, Ireland and France champion Australia

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+ 2003 in Australia, England champion

+ 2007 in France, Wales, Scotland, South African champion

+ 2011 in New Zealand, New Zealand champion

+ 2015 in England and Wales, New Zealand champion ´

+ 2019 in Japan, champion of South Africa

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